XC90 Locked myself out 2006 xc90

Hi - Ive manages to lock myself out of my 2006 xc90. Keys were in the ignition, bonnet open and locked drivers door and all doors just locked themselves. Bought this car recently and it came with only 1 key. Still havent gitten spare key done. Did not know that the car could lock itself with key in ignition. Any way to get it open without calling locksmith? Bonnet is open..maybe disconnecting +ve terminal and reconnecting it back could reset the locking system? Cheers!! Steve


  • Either locksmith or break some glass or take rego papers in your name to a dealer and they can have a new key (with or without the RFID chip) made just off the vin

  • Thanks @Philia_Bear - got it sorted last night. Its my wife' s cat and turns out she has a pretty good package with RACV roadside assist. Took them 20 min to get to my house and 10 min to get the car open. Really need to get at least a service key made.

    But really, why would the car lock itself when the key is in the ignition? Is my system failing? I have tried replicating what I did before it locked itself but it hasnt done it again. Cheers!

  • Good to hear you got it sorted easily. This happened to my BA falcon(466k), worn ignition barrel,computer didn't realise the key was in it.

  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Lots of cars do it...

    At car auctions once, the woman driving cars in to the auction room said all the cars must have window down while warming up to go in as too many lock out.....

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