XC90 d5 timing belt change

Hi folks,

I'm preparing for doing the timing belt on my XC90, and am asking around to see what I've missed or misunderstood.

The car is a 2010 XC90 D5, 146k on the odo, bought at auction (11k), my plan is to look after it and keep it going as the family car, quite happy so far with handling, space and economy, and I figure it'll last if we look after it.

From what I can figure so far:

Anything else I should look out for? There's a bit of seeping from the front of the engine, will I have a chance of seeing where it's coming from in this job? Thoughts on the magic super hand impact wrench?


  • Why do you need to remove the crank pulley to replace the cam belt?

  • I did it without having to on a T5, not 100% sure if the designs are identical though

  • Is the T5 the petrol engine? My understanding is that the diesel has a wider belt so the fit is tighter, and I'd prefer not to give the belt a hard time when installing it.

  • It's pretty common for the cam seal to leak on the D5 engines.

    Probably worth doing the auxillary belts and tensioners while you're there

  • So, by the cam seal you mean the round oil seal around the crankshaft, at the bottom of the engine?

    Presumably that'll be easier to diagnose than replace, but will be good for me to know.

  • No that is the front crankshaft seal

    The camshafts (two), are at the top of the engine and they have their own seals behind the camshaft gears that keep engine oil inside where it belongs

  • D5 engine only has a single camshaft pulley on timing belt but basically what @ramrod said

  • Ah, I see. I'll adjust my inspection upwards, and presumably they'll be easier to replace than the crankshaft seal.

  • There is only one pulley at the top of the motor so remove the pulley and then you will see the seal

  • ah, I see, I shouldn't get confused then.

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