S/V40 Glass cleaning.

SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.

How do you clean the ‘grease’ from the inside of the windscreen?

Problem specifically relates to my V40, but seems to be an issue to some extent in every car I have owned with a leather interior. I assume it is from leather conditioners - the old S40 got much worse after I treated the leather.

It’s like someone has smeared the inside of the glass with Vaseline, and the only thing you have to clean it is a Vaseline soaked rag - you can move it around, but never actually clean it off.

So far, I have tried a variety of glass cleaners, metho, carby cleaner, adhesive remover (Scotch700) - the grime just laughs at them.

I can get it so that it is fine on a dry, warm day, but a cold morning leaves a fog on the glass that the demister can’t cut through (yes, the heater works fine).

New experiment will be electronic contact cleaner, but I am losing hope...

Photo of rear view mirror shows the grime - camera only wanted to focus on things outside of the car...


  • Auto Glym have some nice glass cleaners that work on this fog. You need to use them often though

  • jamesincJames (@jamesinc) Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    Windex and newspaper works for me. I've encountered that film before it will come off it's just really stubborn.

  • Cloudy ammonia has worked for me in the past. It may leave streaks, but those can be cleaned up with normal glass cleaner.

  • One of the interwebs recipes with water, vinegar and a dash of dishwashing detergent. Use something like Viva towel or a rag for the wet job and dry off with a microfibre cloth. I use it on every window. It is really cheap too.

  • TzantushkaTrent (@Tzantushka) E. suburbs - Melbourne

    Lots of good suggestions here.

    Few pointers I've found work well every time


    Microfibre that's specifically designed for glass.

    Regular 'plush' microfibre tends to drop small fibres over time (especially when wiping dry glass)

    Used flannette sheets (washed with no fabric softener) work well on the cheap


    Another vote for AutoGlym Car Glass Polish.

    It's like a cream that goes on, dries to a haze, and lets you see where you need to wipe off.

    Can be a bit dusty, but cuts through the greasy film in the inside of the glass (plasticiser, leather conditioner vapour) Not great for tinted windows.

    If you're looking for something on the cheap, Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) & distilled water (50/50) is a good glass cleaner.

    I'd also ask what protectorants/dressings on the interior (e.g. Amorall) as that can add to to the greasy film issue - especially on hot days.

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