850 light buzzer

Hey 850 guys , do 850s come standard with a light warning ? Ie if you leave your lights on you get some kind of warning.

Getting fed up of this senario

Especially with a 0430 start tomorrow . Drove home from work today with side lights on , got home . Couple of hours later loaded the boot with tools and went to lock car up and no go . Then noticed the light switch. ...... aarrrrgghhh I've done it again 😃 ffs


  • I would think the lights switch off when the engine is stopped, even if you leave them on

  • You'd think so hey , but it's always when i leave the side lights on ...

  • Side lights? I've never heard of side lights, what are they?

  • Side lights = small lights

    Main beam = normal

    Full beam = the blue light , bright

  • My 97 v70 turns all the lights off when the key is turned off even if the head lights are in the on position wich they are 99% of the time but if i leave them in the park light position the park light stay on even with the keys removed. My understanding of it it for when your your car is parked on the side of the road at night so other cars can see it and dont hit it. But this could be false info i was told

  • Drive with your headlights on in future, they turn off with the engine.

  • Ps i have no audible or visual light to say there on as i have done the exact thing a few times as the fog lights stay on with the park lights and flattened my batterry

  • Thanks for the input guys . Out of curiosity i left the light switch on main beam last night and locked the car up . The lights went out and started up no problem this morning. So its only if i leave the switch /lights on on side lights .

  • To decifer

    Stevo Aus translation

    Side lights = park lights

    Main beam = low beam

    Full beam = high beam

  • jamesincJames (@jamesinc) Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    @rado if you like having day-running lamps, take a look at the headlight switch. In the corner of it you will see a tiny flathead screw. You can adjust that screw to switch between different "off" modes. There's the Australian version (no lights), there's the Volvo classic version (day-running lights) and there's the UK version (DRLs + half-brightness headlights)

  • Park lights stay on all the time, full beam lights turn off with the key.

    Mum killed my battery the same way.

  • Cheers for the clarification, thats good to know mate. And think I'll have a play over the weekend with the magic screw . This is the forth Volvo I've had so i got to day it's the only one that doesn't run without day lights ..

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