120 122s buyers advice sought

Hi all, I’m very happy with my XC90 family truckster , but I have given my 850 one owner manual to my youngest son as his first car. He promises to look after it. I am going to sell my 1955 MG Magnette and replace it with an Amazon. I’m going to look at the one on car sales in Millthorpe on Sunday. Any and all advice welcome.


  • Look at it, drive it, find out what work needs to be done, come back to us and we’ll help you

  • Ok I went to millthorpe yesterday the car has issues I won’t go into here if anyone is interested in this car and wants some info give me a ring 0408 808. 206.

    As for any generic 122 issues I don’t know.



  • jamesincJames (@jamesinc) Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    @Vee_Que is the reigning expert on 122s on this forum as far as I know

  • You're looking at buying a 53 year old classic volvo advertised for $15,000 and you're suprised there are problems with it?

    Very realistic

    My advice to you is to do some research into finding out the costs of building a 122 up to your level of satisfaction

  • There is a difference between what things cost and what things are worth. I think the asking price is reasonable for the cost of the parts, work , etc, but as a mechanic with 35 years experience who has owned dozens of classic cars and bikes, the amount of work involved to make it safe and functional, not pretty and shiny, was not worth it to me.

    Cost vs worth

  • The other 122 examples on Carsales on the East coast look better for about the same price... I don't know how far from you they are, but they may be worth a look. Most of them on Carsales have been for sale for a long time -- not a good sign. However, there's a 240 wagon that's been on there since 2012, so that one really takes the biscuit.

  • I also think the motorbike in the foreground of the photo is a bad sign. It's clearly the seller's true love. And it's not a good juxtaposition to show the 122 off against. I prefer the more standard shot of a shiny old volvo with a gritty urban background, preferably with graffiti. If it was my ad I'd probably take that too far and include people shooting up heroin in the background -- an old volvo looks comparatively great in that context.

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