[QLD] 1994 850 T-5 Sedan Auto Green $500

850 T5 Auto build date January 1994.

I brought this car to wreck for spare parts for my other 850.

Plans have changed and I want it gone.

Happy to sell whole car to someone or wreck for parts.

If you want parts the strongly preferred scenario is you come and remove parts yourself and pay me a small amount of cash.

If you want me to remove parts and you collect that is OK but they will be dearer.

If you want me to remove parts and post then they will be a lot dearer and will not happen for parts that I consider hard to post / freight.

This is just a way of offering parts to others before they just get turned into scrap metal.

The car runs and can be driven. Obviously from the interior photos. not much dash left. Rear spoiler sitting in boot.

There is no battery with the car. Still debating on whether I want to keep drivers seat but otherwise $500 and you can drive it onto a trailer.

Please ask questions if you are interested in anything.

Located in Algester 4115.


  • There hasn't been any interest on the whole car and very little interest in parts. I will get back to the people that inquired about parts soon.

    Looks like it goes to scrap metal next week. 😪

    If anyone is interested in anything and you can collect in Brisbane come and get a bargain.

  • How much for turbo if I remove?

  • Hi,

    How much would you like for the front seats?

  • Jordan $50 for the turbo if you remove.

    Ramrod $50 for the seats if you remove. Hopefully the photo shows the condition fairly well.


  • Goes to scrap yard next week. Message me if you want to come and pull parts off.

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