Wrecking 11/04 C70 convertible

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Selling: whole (as-is) or in parts. I will sell everything cheap.

Reason for sale: downsizing our home and unfortunately that means downsizing the list of projects.

Does the car run: Until 3 weeks ago this was my daily driver. Some parts have since been removed but the car itself is functional.

Condition of car:

  • Some of the paints clear coat has peeled. The panels themselves are quite straight.
  • The interior is quite good. The leather seats are perfectly reasonable in condition and the electric function and memory all works
  • The mileage is 118,600km. Service history complete. Compression on motor tested fine, 6 months ago I pulled the engine from the car (as was intending to use the motor for a different vehicle), removed the sump and checked the main bearings on crankshaft and rods...all was perfect. While the sump was off I micropolished the crankcase and sump to remove all deposits and any sludge. Gearbox worked fine. CV joints were silent...no clanking.
  • Stereo is the very impressive Dynaudio system
  • heated mirrors work
  • convertible roof works

Located: Arcadia Vale, between Sydney and Newcastle

Prices: (contact me for anything not listed)

  • Bonnet $20
  • Boot $20
  • Mirrors (both) : sold
  • Doors each (complete minus era al skins and the Dynaudio speakers) $20
  • Front guards each $10
  • Bumpers each $15
  • Convertible roof with entire mechanism : sold
  • Aluminium dash trim (sold)
  • 17” rims (sold)
  • Complete Dynaudio system including amplifier and all speakers sold
  • rear seat complete $30
  • Front seats each $30
  • Gearbox $75
  • Engine $600 (bare motor) or $800 (with injectors, alternator, A/C pump etc but not including turbocharger)
  • Brake calipers and discs (front) $30
  • Brake calipers and discs (rear) $30

Anything you may need just let me know and i´ll get you a Price.

Advertised elsewhere (eBay/gumtree etc) and at HIGHER prices....I want to give our OzVolvo community first shot at a good price


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    Exterior mirrors : sold

    Convertible roof : sold

    Steering wheel : sold

    RHF window regulator : sold

  • hi Chris what is the best number to call you on?



  • iceton1975POM (MARK) (@iceton1975) Broadmeadows Victoria

    Hi Chris

    are the tail lights and head lights available call me on 0434897144

    thanks Mark

  • Hi Mark (and everyone else) the tail lights are available. The headlights....leave it with me, as I have begun a discussion with another member and I would like to finalise that either way first, to avoid ny issues.

    I will give you a call tomorrow (Sunday) and will have an answer for you regarding both tail lights and headlights.

    Thank you

  • First add has been updated with parts that have been sold. The rest of the list was just off the top of my head, if you need anything else message me.

    thanks, Chris

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