240 Cracked 90+ manifold

Ok so I'm getting everything ready on the turbo motor for my 240 wagon and have noticed there's a couple cracks on the manifold been reading bits and pieces about it , some guys are welding them up others are just running them with the cracks just wondering people's opinions on the best plan of attack .

The donor car it came from didn't sound like it had an exhaust leak, idled good and drove good .

I can't weld so that's not an option , should I find someone that can weld cast and get it repaired , should I get it ported and repaired at the same time cause why the hell not I'm spending too much money anyways what's abit more or should I just pray to redblock Jesus to bless me and just run it as is.

If you choose repair or port and repair could you recommend someone , or point me in the right direction of what kind of places to be hitting up .


  • If you port it the crack won't get any larger

  • pigdogdave (@pigdog) Wollongong NSW

    Well that's a good thing haha

    Any suggestions as to who i would take it to to have it ported

  • An exhaust shop or a cylinder head machine shop can do it

  • pigdogdave (@pigdog) Wollongong NSW

    cheers man this is all new to me i seem to be getting deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole that is cars haha im learning a lot though so thats a thing

  • If your located in Sydney I can port it for $100

    I have some examples I can show you as well

    You just need a carbide bit and a die grinder

  • pigdogdave (@pigdog) Wollongong NSW

    im just in Wollongong so not far i actually came up and bought a MAF off you like 3 volvos ago haha

    ill hit you up if i decide to port it (which i probably will) im waiting for a welder mate to get back to me about welding the cracks if i do that ill come get it ported, in my head its best to do both not just one or the other , im also looking at what turbo options would be better then the 13c thats on it , might aswell weld it ,port it and upgrade the turbo all at the same time while its out of the car

  • EBay, search kinagawa Volvo

    15g/16t/18t with the conical outlet

    Welding wise, it's cast so a.c. arc is generally the best but even then it's not a sure thing

    Porting wise, pick turbo first so we can port to the turbo and also port the turbo

  • pigdogdave (@pigdog) Wollongong NSW

    yeah ive seen the kinagawa turbos they are a bit more then i would want to be spending atm im thinking just a good used turbo would do the trick im already starting to get quite deep into this i need to slow down on the spending abit haha realisticlly i dont really need a new turbo the 13c is in good condition i just have a habit of upgrading everything and getting abit ahead of myself

    my welder mate said getting it brazed would be the best option .... this means nothing to me but hes the second person to mention it so its winning so far , i know a boilermaker locally im going to go pick his brain tomorrow and see if he can help out

  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Unless they know cast manifolds forget it.

    And many others say don't bother welding it

    I'm a Boilermaker,I welded cast in my early days,it's not worth it .

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    Just think of cast iron as glass metal. It is brittle, having a low tensile strenght and a very low modulus of elasticity. That means it is fragile and doesn't like to bend. It will crack and fail before it bends much. Why use it? Cast has excellent thermal properties and will do heat cycles like you wouldn't believe. It is used in engine blocks because it is also tough and self lubricating.

    Depending on the cast iron, you may or may not be able to weld it. If you heat it and change the crystal structure it can actually shrink it. Brazing is far less likely to do this. Older methods used to require heating the sample before welding. Do it right and you might be successful. The latest welding rods have more success with cast iron welding. Don't hold your hopes too high.

  • You can weld it, there are kits with some very special material arc rods that work great

    That said.... If you port it the crack won't get better and with a crack that small you won't hear it over the valve noise until it warms up and when it warms up its sealed

    I ran a very cracked but ported 90+ for years with a 15g running up to 19psi..... never cracked more after porting and also never leaked or made a noise

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