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I've recently purchased a 1974 165e manual and I'm looking to restore and get on the road ASAP.

I have made a list of the things I think I need and attached it to this thread. Nothing major I don't think but its a non runner at present.

I'm not mechanically knowledgeable but very keen to bring the car back to life. Beyond keen actually as I've never even driven a 164 before and can't wait to get it going.

Also, does anyone with knowledge on the model have time to come give me some pointers/mechanical input one morning on a weekend? I'll pay for the time if required.

I live Ferntree Gully in Victoria. I have the front and rear bumper but I no clue how to install.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance for any input.




  • They only originally came with a drivers side rear vision mirror. A passengers side can be added though, same parts as an early 240.

    Rear window trim requires the right technique. In short, remove the curently partially installed trim conpletely, very gently bend back to the right shape if required. Get some approx 3mm diameter rope, insert it in the groove in the rubber. The trim can them relativelly easily be slotted into the groove. Once the trim is in place, work your way round pulling out the rope.

    Pic of engine bay and other pics indicate missing alternator, thermostat, thermostat housing. You will also want new radiator hoses and a new water pump (may just get away with a seal kit, I seem to remember the water pumps being hard to cone by new). Some of these items may well be in the boot though?

  • Also with rear windor trim, there is meant to be two short strips that hold the two larger halves of the trik together. Looks like you may well be missing them.

  • Excellent,

    Thanks for the info. The rear window should keep me busy for a few days by the sounds of it. I do have the 2 short strips that clip over the larger ones I think.

    If anyone has the mechanical parts needed please let me know. I don't believe they are in the boot, just a few bits of trim and the stuff I have shown next to radiator.

    Also, does the battery sit in a tray? This also seems to be missing.



  • First up, welcome.

    Second up, let's have a look at these issues.

    #2 - Might be able to help you out there, I have trim.

    #3 - Try a set from a 240.

    #4 - The window winder handle screw covers are black, not chrome. They're obtainable from any 240.

    #5 - I can sort you out with a glovebox lid, although it will need a new knurled bit of plastic from Dave Barton.

    #6 - I may have an old period correct radio somewhere; need to check if it works though.

    #7 - I highly recommend Dashboard Recovering Services at U3, 4 Cunneen St Mulgrave NSW to making an old dash top like that look brand new. Contact Ian on 0409-171-165.





    Price for this is about $250 -$300 plus shipping.

    #8 - Might have them, too - have to check.


    #10 - That's a roof joint trim. Yes, I have a pair for you.

    #11 - I should have one for you.

    #12 - There ought to be a heather outlet floor vent sticking out through that hole in the trim, and then a big black rubber donut around the vent that holds the trim in place. Make sure you've got the outlet, it clips onto a shutter junction box.

    #13 - I have a set of suitable door cards for that type of trim - but I'd like to sell them as a set. Let me know if you're interested and want pics of them.

    #14 - SCA is your best bet.

    #15 - The screws on those hubcaps are supposed to have a rubber O-ring on the inside which stops the screw falling out. I have a pair of good ones if you're stuck.

    #16 - See #4, get it from a 240.

    #17 - Not sure about the wheel arch, but I have all the rest of that trim, including the lower trim below the doors.


    #21 - VP Autoparts stocks some NOS and replacement rear seat upholstery, Look up the trim code from the plate in the engine bay. http://www.vp-autoparts.com/

    #22 - Aircon is available from any wrecked 240; the same basic HVAC and a/c design was used from 1973 to 1993. The heater boxes were pre-equipped to fit an evaporator.

    #23 - TST Moulded Carpets in Melbourne do great carpets for very reasonable prices, you'll want a late model 144 carpet to fit cars with a long transmission tunnel.


    #24 - Like #4 and #16, obtainable from a 240. If you want nice new plastic covers to go over the bolts for the handles, Voluparts in the US can supply these.


    #25 - These were actually painted body colour on the 164s.

    #26 - These are actually a spring, rather than a strut. See list of Essential Links at the end of this monster post for suppliers.

    #27 - Can't help with boot liner or wheel, but not that the 164 wheels are 15 x 5.5 inch, not 15 x 5 inch as used on the 140s which look very similar.

    #28 - #32 - Ahhhh, you need a parts manual; see Essential Links.

    #33 - This is where you have to get creative. AFAIK there's no off-the-shelf- new replacement.

    #34 - the 164 headlights are the same as 240 round headlights, both are getting rare now.

    #35 - that's a year model 1973 front bumper.

    #36 - The bonnet release cable is the same part number as a 240 one, AFAIK they're available new.

    #37 - That isn't rubber trim, it's pinchweld, and I have the devil of a time getting some for my 142 project. I got it from CVI Automotive eventually.


    #38 - There are two manufacturers for these tail lights - Cibie, and Hella. They look very similar and function exactly the same, but the lens covers do not interchange between the two (just so you don't have to find this out by experience). You can get replacements new, but expect to pay big for them.

    ...oh yeah, the Essential Link list - You'll need these links in your restoration quest.

    First up, download this PDF - it's the parts manual. It's an absolute essential.


    Company links? (These are my 'Usual Suspects' when I need parts)

    GCP - stocks NOS for old Volvos - https://www.gcp.se/en/

    VP Autoparts - stock all sorts of parts - http://www.vp-autoparts.com/main.aspx?guest=yes

    CVI - stocks all sorts of Volvo spares - https://www.cvi-automotive.se/

    VP and CVI each stocks components unique to them

    Skandix - Has nearly everything, but not quite - https://www.skandix.de/en/

    FCP Euro - will stock some new parts for older cars - https://www.fcpeuro.com/

  • Amazing response! A wealth of information and knowledge to review.

    Many thanks for taking the time to help, greatly appreciated.

    Regarding what you do have. Please feel free to PM me prices.

    If this keeps up I'll have it going in no time!

  • Update to this.

    I've found a parts car delivered to my door for $600.

    Same colour interior and mechanically complete.

    Non runer due to wiring issues and heavily rusted, so will be scrapped when stripped of what's needed.

    Worth the money?

  • $600 delivered to your door seems like a good deal.

  • So I've gone ahead with the parts car. It should give me many of the parts I need plus lots of spares for the future.

    I will post what I still require once stripped. There will be a B30 engine up for grabs if anyone is interested or knows someone who needs one.

    Can anyone get their hands on a GT or Rallye instrument cluster to fit the model I have? Or are these just impossible to find these days?

  • GT clusters for the 164 can be found, but they're rare, hideously expensive, and don't add any extra functionality over a 73-74 type dash. They were a worthwhile accessory for pre-73 models, since you gained a real speedo and a tachometer with them.

  • 1971_144GL1971_144GL (@1971_144GL) Launceston, Tasmania

    I have two GT clusters for the 164 and will sell one in a couple of months when I confirm that they both work. I will have to research what they cost. I am trying to get inspiration for them, and they may both end up for sale.

    Nice to hear of another 164 project, I love them.

  • Good to know on the functionality side of things.

    From what I've seen. There is 4 dial, 5 dial and 6 dial type. 6 dial has a yellow background and is for the 240. Assume they all fit?

    I like the look of them all but I'll see if I can warrent the price.

    Definitely let me know how you get on with the spare and how much you'd like for it.

  • Parts car has arrived highlighting many items that I didn't even know I needed. Including an original carpet for the boot.

    Is the engine worth saving or should it go to the scrap heap?

  • 1971_144GL1971_144GL (@1971_144GL) Launceston, Tasmania

    164 engines are becoming quite valuable for the historic boat crowd who want the block and head. We still have a bit of 164 in Australia, but quite rare in the rest of the world. If it is manual and has a flywheel, the flywheel is worth about what you paid for the car. I would recommend trying to find a home for the bits if you have time. If you plan to keep the car, and say find the engine is faulty in ten years, it could end up quite expensive to find a replacement, even as parts. Have a look at the price in Europe for things like 164 guards, becoming worth the shipping cost, even though we still see them as scrap.

    Your car will have been rubber mats in the boot. If you want carpet, early 240 is the same if you can find one being parted, again rare now.

    Nice to see a 164 revival, long live Djet!

  • It has a rubber boot lining and a carpet!

    It's a 1973 TE Automatic. Very rusty but complete. Apparently has wiring issues so none runner. Bought from a boat enthusiast who never got round to removing the engine. Only resson he bought it in the first place.

    I will look into removing and keeping the engine. Would like to see it serve a purpose for someone, perhaps even myself. Just a bit bulky to have lying around.

  • That looks like a 1974 model. It has the front bumper you want. It should also have the window winders you need too - the 1973 window winders were chromed cast units, with clips that held them on the window regulator.

    Keeping the engine from the parts car, and all the front panels at least, would be prudent.

  • Front bumber being transferred over. Passenger side window winder has a chrome insert. Lots of parts to transfer over and not enough time and DW40 to do it.

    Engine will be coming out. I'm hoping to inlist the help of experienced volvo hands to do so.

    Also there is a small hole between the headlight and fog light, both sides.

    Empty on the project car but metal valves present on the parts car?

  • "A limited edition of the 164, the 164TE was made only in 1974 and only for 3 markets, Great Britain, Germany and Australia. The 164TE had extra accessories fitted as standard, being air conditioning, 4 speaker 8 track player with radio, headlight wipe/wash system, rear head rests, rear reading lamps and a fully carpeted boot with lighting. This more upmarket version was only available in 3 colours, being metallic light blue (colour 111), metallic copper (colour 105) and metallic teal (colour 115)."

    That would explain the carpet. Assume the vale through small home is headlight washer system. AC and original radio all present. Hoping to transfer it all over. Rear head rests have seen better days.

  • Map lights removed this evening.

  • Found a bit of paperwork for the TE this evening. Looks like it originally came from London. Then shipped to ACT.

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