Custom Twin-cored intercooler

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  • Custom one-off intercooler manufactured using 2 x standard Volvo intercoolers. Both intercoolers welded together in parallel; increasing flow capability and HP potential.
  • Fits in standard location with standard fastening method (bolt-on) though I cannot be certain if it will fit without altering some other usual with any upgraded intercooler
  • The two cores have been offset-aligned to increase surface area (of external cooling air medium) through the cores
  • Both intercoolers have been sonically cleaned and internal surfaces polished
  • Welded aluminium end-tanks to improve sealing for high boost and also to reduce heat soak (as the aluminium will release the heat in comparison to the plastic end-tanks that have virtually no capability to radiate heat)
  • Inlet and outlet tubing has not yet been welded onto the end tanks (as I was still deciding on location). Let me know where you want them and what diameter (eg: to suit 2.5” chargepipes) and can weld them into position to your specs.
  • I was intending to use on my V-70 wagon however need to move and will have far less space for my projects.
  • A massive mount of thought, calculations, time, effort and fabrication has gone into this.

Built by: 360 Custom Fabrication

Location: Arcadia Vale 2283, between Newcastle and Sydney

Price: $400 pick-up or + postage and packing

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