“RN” Whiteblock engine 118,406km full service history

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Hi everyone. Selling the following:


  • B5254T3 (184kw/250hp) engine, with only 118,406km’s
  • RN model, highly regarded as it has the stronger internals to withstand higher power output
  • Good service history
  • In June 2019 I removed the motor to do a proper inspection (was intending to do an engine swap into another vehicle). All rod and crank bearings looked EXCELLENT and at the same time I degreased and polished the crankcase and sump. I am a qualified Mech Engineer and have been involved in Motorsport and vehicle development for over 20years (just so you know who checked the motor)
  • June 2019 compression test was also excellent at 155-170psi across the cylinders. Since June I have travelled approx 2,000km’s.
  • Can sell with or without accessories such as alternator etc...let me know what you need and we can discuss
  • Selling turbocharger and exhaust manifold separately (it is a custom setup using an Audi TTRS turbocharger)
  • I have video’s of engine running dated 03/Feb/2020 and will upload them if needed.

Location: Arcadia Vale 2283 NSW (between Newcastle and Sydney)

To suit: This motor has the variable timing on the exhaust camshaft.

Price: $1,000 for long engine including standard intake manifold (photo shows my custom built intake manifold) and blue injectors (higher flowing compared to orange/white injectors). Can provide you with either orange or white injectors instead of the blues if you prefer. Will require a 50% deposit and I will remove the motor for you. I have an Australian Registered business, so the deposit can be made into my business account for your peace of mind. If you would like to remove the motor yourself bring your tools and go for it! Price could be negotiated if you remove the motor.



  • Just edited the original post. Somehow I typo’d that this motor is a “t9” variant however it is a “t3” variant. From a 2004 C70 HPT.

    Also, worth noting the exhaust cam VCT can be removed from the circuit and used as a conventional motor without VCT. The VCT was really used only for idle and a WOT it has no effect on performance or engine function

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