2010 XC60 D5 transmission flush

Was thinking of flushing the transmission and was a bit concerned about having to take it to the dealer afterwards to get the reset for the new adaption.

Just happened to mention it to a friend and he said just disconnect the battery for a few hours and it will reset itself. He has done this with 2 Falcons that he has brought and wanted it to drive the the way he drives.

Do you guys think this is possible.


  • No reset required if just flushing fluid, the adaption and fluid counter resets are only required where you have changed components or where the fluid got so hot in the past that the fluid was compromised and was starting to be badly burnt

  • Thanks for reply. This is the first Volvo that I have owned. Really only brought this model with the D5 because looking at other makes eg.. BMW, Audi, Mercedes, some jap and korean all have problems with either trans or motors or both.

    Been driving a Pathfinder for the last 15 years with no problems at all but finally decided to move to something a lot more comfortable.

    Just brought this car from a dealer a week ago and had the AA ( NZ automobile association) do and inspection before I brought it. The inspection came though with a good report so I brought it and flew to Auckland and picked it up and drove 1000km back home including the Cook Straight Ferry crossing.

    When I got to the airport to fly up, the flight had been cancelled. Had to rebook new flights and of course was starting to panic a bit about making the ferry crossing that I had booked with none refundable tickets. Finally got to Auckland 4 hours late and dealer picked me up from the airport and rushed back to the yard to sign some documents. I didn't check the car out because of the report the AA had given it and jumped in and started my journey back home.

    It was only a few hundred meters before I was on the motorway and cruising at 100kph and happy with my purchase. One I hit the next city and obviously no motorway and down to normal city driving speeds I noticed a loud ticking from the engine and the transmission was vibrating through the steering wheel and whole car at times manly when slowing down or at a more constant speed. Its like a manual gearbox in top gear at a very low speed vibrating the whole car. The motor seems to be noisy over all but also has this loud ticking coming from the timing belt end of the engine. Sounds like a really loose tappet. Also when I got home the front tyres were over half worn and the AA had measured the tyres and in the report had said all were 7.5mm of tread.

    Obviously by this stage I'm starting to get extremely pissed off with the report from our trusted automobile association report who have certified and qualified mechanics to test vehicles before buying. Ive never used them before and always check vehicles myself before buying and if I had checked this vehicle I would have run away as fast as I could.

    Was talking with the AA yesterday complaining and their reply was they trust their machanics and that the problems with the engine and transmission must have happened after it was inspected and that the dealer must have changed the front tyres. Well what do do.. Laugh.. Cry.. What a load of bullshit. I picked the car up less than 48 hours after the inspection. The front tyres only had 4mn of tread so brought new tyres yesterday. Now only a difference of about 1mm between front and back so should be better for the AWD. I hate having different diameter tyres on 4WD vehicles.

    Anyway, can any of you guys give me some advice on what you think the problems are with this motor and transmission. I always do my own repairs to all my vehicles but obviously the trans is a different story. OBTW, this vehicle was advertised as having a textbook service record from new at NZ's best and most expensive European dealership. But once again when at home I checked the service book and about 70% of the services on the car were over the kilometer service intervals. Bloody horrified when I saw this. Oil changes at almost 30,000km instead of 15,000.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Gross misrepresentation, do you not get a period to return car as it's not been what they said it was?

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    They knew you were going far away so took you for a ride....

  • Yes we have the consumers guarantee act, but I thought the AA should be to blame for not checking the vehicle properly. The AA reply was that the car was not in this condition when they inspected it and have advised me to contact the dealer about the issues with this car and also basically accuse them of changing the tyres after it was inspected. Don't think that will go down very good when I tell them that (Grin)

    Im phoning the dealer today to start this painful process. I remember about 35 years ago I brought a Datsun 260Z from a dealer. Expensive car in those days and even more expensive now. Anyway I took this car for a drive about 5 days before I brought it. Complained about the paint on the car and picked it up at around 5pm on a Friday. They said take it home and over the weekend go round the car and mark all the defects and they will repair them in due course.

    It was only about 4km from the dealership to my house and it boiled on that small journey. I stopped and my brother who was following me pulled up behind me. He said the car was crab walking going down the road. Next morning took the car back and demanded my money back but they wouldn't refund me. They also said they wouldn't repair the paint.

    In those days we had a thing called the motor vehicle dealers institute which you could make claims with. Basically a court run by the assholes themselves. It's a joke really because I'm sure these guys all go the pub on a Friday night together and are all great mates. Anyway of course I was awarded nothing and had to replace the head gasket, get the chassis straightnd and get the whole car repainted.

    I was told by the AA yesterday that times have changed and things are run differently now.

    Only ever brought 2 cars from dealerships and both times its been a nightmare.

  • Just a thought, If the front wheel alignment was really wrong, it would wear the tyres out quickly and might even load the motor up so it starts to get noisy?

    Swapping out front tyres also makes a lot of sense.

  • I did that yesterday. Brought 2 new tyres for the front and got a wheel alignment done. On the printout it was well within specs and they hardly changed the settings. Funny thing is when I left and drove down the road the steering wheel was shaking from crap balancing and steering wheel not centered. Went back and they re done both alignment and balance. No shaking now but wheel still off centre. Will take it to another place and get it done again. Trans still vibrating. Trans changes gear good but does have a bit of flare at about 3/4 throttle, but light or full throttle it's really good. Maybe it's and engine or box mount or something stupid. Rang the dealer today and told him of the problems. He wasn't happy when I said the automobile association said he must have changed the tyres. I didn't think a dealer could say so many 4 letter words in one sentence. Anyway he is going to arrange a repairer to look at it for me. Not particularly thrilled about that. He said he knew someone in my city. I'd rather it go to the volvo agent.

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