240 244DL Engine not getting fuel

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1978 B21E 244DL sedan auto. Engine not getting fuel.

OK check the fuel pumps. Got voltage OK at relay and then jumpered the relay as described in other threads but pumps still not working. Fuses all good. Next I checked the voltage at the in tank pump. Not getting 12 volts. Before I investigate wiring from fusebox/relay to the in tank pump is there something I'm missing?



  • Provide voltage directly to each pump to determine where the fault lies first

  • Tank pump - Applied 12volts directly to it. Black positive, Brown negative. - Got nothing.

    Fuel pump ( the one under the car) - removed it. Applied 12volts directly to terminals. - Got nothing.

    What's the chance both dead? The car hasn't been started for a year or two.

    Could you recommend reasonably priced parts dealer?


  • First try hitting them at the same time as powering them, sometimes the motors can get stuck in one spot and tapping with something metal shocks it enough to get it going again. The pumps could be original and not working for a long period of time seizes them for good

    These old cars do not like sitting around not getting used

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    In my experience the intank pumps are prone to failure, but the main pumps are fairly resilient to neglect. If the pumps are powered up and tapping the tank/pump doesn't help, I'd probably bench test the main pump and just replace the intank with 740 type.

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    If you do replace the pumps, VDO brand in-tank pumps have worked well for me in the past, and I generally use Bosch main pumps, which are effectively the genuine part. They're $100 or so.

    In the past I've used Pro Parts Sweden pumps without any issues*, and I've also used Goss pumps (generic pumps you can buy off-the-shelf at SuperCheapAuto) as in-tank pumps and, again, never had any issues. Just make sure you replace the fuel filter and in-tank pickup filter at the same time so you don't immediately put crud into your fresh pumps.

    * I mention this because PPS don't otherwise have the greatest reputation for quality

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