[sold][NSW] V70 tragic wreck - M56 manual - $150

jrcJohn C @jrc Lindfield NSW
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Well I need some advice on wrecker in Sydney as my white 1997 v70 5M met its practical end today.

I’ll post a few photos of really needed but basically the passenger side rear and and tailgate doors are all bent beyond repair and the frame is twisted following a loss of control incident in Artarmon this morning. Drivers door can be opened and car actually drives. My p plate driver walked out unscathed.

I don’t really want to part out anything myself and I’m willing to let this go as a complete but as is vehicle to whoever wants it for a nominal sum. Eg anything more than $150 or whatever you offer me. Eg if you are thinking of a manual conversion this would suit but you have to take the whole car please.

note this is a manual 5 speed m56 v70 20v aus spec I bought it sep 2017 250000 km now done 261000. De glugged the inlet / breather system about 5000 km ago. Engine is good probably a bit too good hence the demise!!

whats still ok what you get for $150...

4 continental tyres 8000 km on rear 1000 or less on front

4 alloy wheels the odd looking 3 spokers

the engine and gearbox clutch and seals and slave all replaced about 10000 k ago

brakes all done

Main window controller ($400 part for r h d)

abs module from USA

seats ok black leather but drivers worn

extra back seat grey / black

Recent driveshaft replacement

Fairly new battery.

as I said it can actually drive though I wouldn’t recommend for more than 200m.

Car is in Lindfield in Sydney

call or msg me 0476823294



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