These doors are from a 1975 244. May fit earlier or later models, someone here can confirm. These doors have the early door locks, I believe they were used til 1977 or 1978. I also have a feeling they may fit late 144 and 164 cars but not positive

$80 each or all four for $250 located at Castle Hill NSW pick up available all hours


  • 1975 doors should fit YM 1974 144/145/164 thru to YM 1977 244/245.

    The lock design changed for YM 1978 and onwards.

  • You are a gentleman

    Thank you for your wisdom

  • Trial and error is more like it. :D I have four good 78 model doors that won't fit my 145 project.

  • 1971_144GL1971_144GL (@1971_144GL) Launceston, Tasmania

    Bgpfm142 I have a set of very good except paint door panels under my house in Tassie that came from a 74 145. I will get them to you when I get a moment. Whole garage of stuff to clear in Melbourne over coming months so I can sell up. I know you know how much fun that is!

  • bootlid for sale also

  • Any rust? If not, I’m interested but currently o/s. If they’re not gone when I get back in early March, I’ll contact you. You’re welcome to contact me then if I’ve forgotten!

  • Yes no rust on the doors, a small bubble on the bootlid though

  • Flat bonnet added, doors and bootlid still available

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