C30 AWD Manual Conversion Which Focus Boxes work

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Because the M66 Manual's are a PITA to find in AWD here can anyone clarify which Australian model focus's I could get a manual box from and still keep the AWD system or grab the components for and make it AWD I should say. Currently I've got an Auto AWD so I'm aware of the rest of the components I need to hunt but in terms of shipping the worst thing to have to get is the gearbox itself so trying to source that first and thought a focus box might be a little easier.



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    Focus didn't get AWD until MK3, but the MK2 are the same platform as P1 volvos, and they were not AWD

  • agreed but the gearbox in one of the focus's apparently uses the entire AWD casing so you could just add the output and seals to get an AWD box easier.

    It was originally mentioned here: https://ozvolvo.org/discussion/4861/m66-gearbox

  • Yeah, but your first problem is that gearbox is only found in the MK2 RS so it's not going to be cheap or easy to find.

    Next problem would be replacing the fwd quaife with an AWD quaife, which is over $1500 on top of whatever you pay for the gearbox.

  • I went looking assuming it was the RS. All the entries for it in like ebay etc say XR5/RS which is not helpful at all.

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    Is your car currently auto or manual?

    Manual FWD to AWD has been done but I'm not sure if auto to manual has been done, Tim would know better than me but I believe you would at minimum need to swap over every CAN bus component from the manual car, meaning there would be no point finding a Focus gearbox anyway as you would need an entire manual AWD Volvo.

  • My car is Auto. But for the purposes of this thread it only matters that we work out if we can use a focus box or not. If I can just wack a quaife in there and away we go happy days it expands the search pool a bit.

    Doing the auto to manual conversion is fine I'm already aware of whats involved there and the options available. You can just give Rob Hilton a call for it as he will flash the CEM and ECM for you to save replacing all the computers.

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    What will you do about the TCM then, just leave it disconnected altogether?

    I didn't think Hilton could do that with P1 models, but I could be wrong.

  • so there are a couple of options there. You can rebuild the harness if you are keen or just trim out those wires. I would most likely go down the path of grabbing that harness of a manual C30 and swapping it in.

    While I am fine to swap all the computers that are coded I'm an IT guy so playing around and getting it reflashed is kinda exciting and fun to me. Plus no one has ever reported doing it on the forums which is interesting in itself so I'd be happy to be the first to do so.

    With P1's you need to get the CEM pin which can be done through a VIDA reload or you can read it out with a BDM reader. Being that I don't have a way to get a VIDA reload done without a lot of cost I'll probably get a reader to get the PIN which I'm already working on for the AWD conversion as I would like to correct some of the CEM/ECU programming to fix some niggles in that conversion.

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    Buying a car with AWD manual would be so much easier.

  • hahaha that it would. But it wouldn't be a sweet as C30 AWD then. It would be like some poxy looking golf or an RS3 or a TTRS or something. Honestly if I was buying it would probably be a TTRS. I just don't like the Volvo's that are available at the moment.

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    Put a picture of the C30 in your wallet.

    Epic and I mean epic fun to drive.

    Get up close to back of it and it may as well be a C30.

    More useful.

    Scares motorcyclists at lights cos you are pushing them when it's green......

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