940 & 960 7/9 steering splines.

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I have two different sizes of steering shafts in my 9-series cars: 19mm at the splines (91 940, non-airbag), and 23mm (96 960, airbag).

I had thought that the difference was non-airbag vs airbag cars, but cannot confirm. Certainly none of the ebay sellers seem to have a clue.

Any pointers in how to buy the correct steering boss for a 91 (non-airbag) steering column?


  • Where are you measuring?

  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.

    I've actually measured the ID of the steering wheel splines, hence the "about".

    Need to be less hot so I can measure the ID of the splines on the shafts.

  • Post picture of where you are measuring?

    I've got multiple cars and racks here that I can check against

  • Airbag or non airbag is the same regardless, 740/940 is 19mm spline, 760/960 is 21mm spline.

    Not even autotechnica had the correct listing on their website. This is the one you need : https://www.autotecnica.com.au/product/volvo-boss-kits/ p/n 217

    The momo hubs were NLA when i enquired

  • Just to add further, the non SRS clockspring out of my 91 940 and 89 740 are identical, i think i used the 740 one to replace the srs clockspring in the 92 940, it was less crusty lol. Horn wiring is plug and play as well

  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.


    I've taken a punt on one on ebay. 99% sure its the same dipshit seller who messed me around with BMW boss kits, but worst comes to worst, I can get my money back.

    And probably a free 960 boss kit...

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