1987 240 parts - sedan - nothing over $50 Daylesford Vic

carnut222Greg S (@carnut222) Daylesford VIC
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EDIT: Engine and Transmission now gone; numerous other parts still available. Just ask.

Since I've picked up a new paddock basher, this one can move along. Would make a great donor for an earlier K-jet car...swap the later suspension, brakes, fuel tank, engine and injection into your non running early car? Runs, drives, brakes. Some bits have already been cannibalized. Champagne metallic exterior. Brown interior. Could probably drive on a permit if we get the rear lights going. B230F LH 2.2 AUTO. $200 OR OFFER. Pick up Daylesford VIC. Can provide more pics and details if interested.



  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Could this be resurrected easily for my daughter's first car?

  • Unfortunately no...I’ve removed quite a few interior parts etc. off it so it wouldn’t be practical...not to mention the paint is off, the bonnet doesn’t match etc.

  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Interior pix then?

  • Here's some pics. Dash is cracked. I've used the carpet underlay pads on another car, still have brown carpet (removed - good condition). Glove box gone. Seats are pretty good as they had sheepskin covers on them, but the hides have left some white stuff in the seat fabric - prob could clean it out. Rear seatbelts removed but I could provide them if desired. Rear C-pillar plastic trims and parcel shelf retractor covers gone. Have tan C-pillar covers I can throw in. Centre console with switches removed but I probably could find that and throw it in. Handbrake console and door pockets gone. Front door trims removed but I have them. Passenger door armrest stuffed. Paint is shot. Panels don't appear to have any dents. Bonnet is mis-matched as I swapped one, for another, for another (long story). Grille is missing but I have one I could throw in. RH tail lamp broken. Power antenna and radio removed. Side trims missing. Roof gutter trim pop-riveted on in places. No rust in the underbody - saw a small amount around the missing side trim on LH rear quarter panel (surface?) Rear bumper cover removed but I could throw that in. Has a tow bar. I did the timing belt and front seals when I got it, and changed oil, filter, & flushed brake fluid. Wipers didn't work IIRC. Windscreen is stuffed, I have the original trim for it. I think the rear muffler might have a hole. Centre prop bearing may not be too good as I heard some noise but it could just be some grass or a twig stuck down there as I've been using it to move wood up from the storage area/paddock to the house from time to time. I was planning to use this car as the suspension, engine, power steering, A/C and fuel injection donor for an orange 245L I plan to do up "some day" but the red 93 wagon came along so I can now use that. IMHO this would be a good donor/parts car for somebody...I've already parted out several so just don't have the room to break it up at the moment. If not sold, I'll eventually do that. Feel free to ask questions or if you need any bits you can see in the pics, happy to pull them and sell them. Has good brown B-pillar trims IIRC...would sell those locally separately or include with car if sold as a whole. BYO battery as I don't have a spare.

  • BUMP! Price reduced to $200. Grab a bargain, or maybe time to part out?

  • Now selling parts off the car as the engine and transmission are sold. PM requests and I can advise if available and price. Nothing over $50! Good engine ECU, ignition box, MAF (007) etc. LH2.2. Power steering pump, hoses, rack, brake booster & master cylinder...fuel tank, fuel pump(s), guards, doors, glass, mirrors...etc, etc.

  • MAF sensor sold but I do have a couple others available at $50 each.

  • Seats tentatively sold pending pick-up and payment. LH rear quarter panel cut sold pending pick-up and payment.

  • OK, here we go again. I have another IKEA Volvo 240 kit! Almost everything has been removed from the shell for easy pickings...hit me up if you need anything! Debating whether to remove the power steering rack...didn’t leak but it’s covered in grease from an oil leak on the engine...anyone need a power steering rack with hoses, pump and reservoir for $50???

  • Seats sold. Rear quarter panel sold. This is what the inside of the rear rail looks like! :)

  • Thanks Greg for letting me come take a chunk of Volvo home with me.

    Greatly appreciated.

  • Rear section of wiring harness? Keen on the section from where it plugs into the main harness under the dashbroad through to the back if the car.

  • Yep, $25 plus postage (may fit in a large pre-paid bag which is about $20 as long as it’s under 5 kg. Lemme know if you want it. It’s intact as far as I know, but I did cut the wire for the dome lamp that runs up the A-pillar as I couldn’t be bothered to pull down the roof lining...

  • Sounds good to me. When you confirm postage cost pm me payment details. If it doesnt fit in a flat rate satchel use post code 2756 to work out the cost.

  • No prob Tim. Good to meet you and I look forward to seeing how your GT comes out after the repairs!

  • Will be in touch via PM soon. Need to go sort out what wires you need and weigh/gauge the size. Chat soon.

  • carnut222Greg S (@carnut222) Daylesford VIC

    Seats, seatbelts and bonnet sold. Still have heaps of parts available. Message me with requests.

  • carnut222Greg S (@carnut222) Daylesford VIC

    Front & rear springs sold pending payment. I now have a LOWVO!

  • Keen on the brake calipers and front wheel hubs if they're still available please?

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