[sold]1974 145 Grand Luxe (NE NSW)

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<p>Couldn't see it posted on here already... </p><div class="js-embed embedResponsive" data-embedJson="{"body":"For sale is this white 1974 Volvo 145 Grand Luxe Wagon It was running fine the last time it was driven, however it has been laid dormant at my fathers property ..., 1239872390","photoUrl":"https:\/\/i.ebayimg.com\/00\/s\/MTIwMFgxNjAw\/z\/H-8AAOSwUeVeL4eN\/$_58.JPG","url":"https:\/\/www.gumtree.com.au\/s-ad\/upper-crystal-creek\/cars-vans-utes\/1974-volvo-145-grand-luxe-wagon-b20e-engine-automatic\/1239872390","embedType":"link","name":"1974 Volvo 145 Grand Luxe Wagon B20E Engine Automatic | Cars, Vans & Utes | Gumtree Australia Tweed Heads Area - Upper Crystal Creek | 1239872390"}">
<a href="https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/upper-crystal-creek/cars-vans-utes/1974-volvo-145-grand-luxe-wagon-b20e-engine-automatic/1239872390">;
</div><p><br></p><p>Has anyone viewed this car yet? If so, what are your impressions and what do you reckon it would cost to get it back on the road? I'm running out of options for a reasonably priced 850 HPT wagon and this looks quite nice.<p><br></p></p><p>Thanks<p><br></p></p><p>Craig</p>


  • You could see if the seller will provide engine bay pics + pics of under the tailgate and more shots of the sills. Rust is pricey to deal with if you have to pay someone to cut bits out and weld it. My '72 B20E 145 with a BW35 was slow as a slug, but faster than a VW Kombi up a hill.

  • It’s gunna be slow. That rust is in the normal places and will probably be pricey, the 145 I sold to @bgpzfm142 was in that ballpark, maybe he can chime in with what it took to clean up?

  • @egads I'm still cleaning up that 145 (AKA Chloe), there is more rust on Chloe than on that car for sale. Looks like one of the doors on the white one needs work.

    Still have a left rear quarter panel to get from the mainland for Chloe, I only have the RH rear quarter here.

    Chloe needs lower sill work just forward of the rear wheel arches, as well as C pillar work on the RH side. She's a loooong term project. However.....

    The costs to get that white one back on the road will depend entirely on your skill level. Expect to fork out for a tank fuel pump, a K-Jet main fuel pump, injector cleaning, seals, and a full set of rubber hoses, coolant, etc, plus a transmission flush. You'll also need to completely flush and bleed the brakes, and most likely need to replace the brake hoses too. Non-running may be caused by points / capacitor / leads problems, or parts of the K-Jet system misbehaving; see "Big Al's Barn Find" thread for dealing with the K-Jet.

  • Yeah I thought maybe it was outta my comfort zone, they're just such a nice looking car that I thought I'd check.

    Maybe further down the line I'll be in a position to tackle one.

    Thanks for the replies and advice, it's always appreciated.

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