XC70 I'm back....

So I was getting bored with the reliability and mundane nature of a number of other vehicles that I have owned in the last 9 months since I sold the V8 XC90. So I was sitting with a beer one night and asked myself, what is the worst car that Volvo ever made??? A quick search here indicated that it was a P2 XC70 so I set about finding one...

Well not really I just bid on it when I was drunk but you get the idea. Anyway it was dropped off tonight. Total cost to date $1113. It is a 09/2007 build with 140k on the clock. First glance is that it is neat enough but needs two new tyres on the front and some new shocks. Total budget is $2500 with rego so I will see how I go. Has Sunroof, heated seats, High end stereo( 4x 75w) park assist folding mirrors and probably some other stuff that I didn't get a good look at when I hooked the VIDA up.

Errors codes are limited to park assist and an intermittent fault on the MAF but I will give that a clean and see how I go.

Photos when I finish stuffing around with my V8 BMW X5 that I also bought....


  • Knowing you, it is not the XC70 but the X5 you want pics of...

    Got a tow bar for a XC70 lying around?

    PS the Triton sold in 24hrs but was well out of your price range. I got $11.250 for it.

  • Well not your price range as such but what you would have liked to pay cause you knew what it cost me😁

  • Just bought a set of 2013 XC70 rims and tyres in mint condition for $300 which is a good start.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Put gearbox and haldex flush on list.

  • Having had a few cars with this engine box combo it will be high on the list. There will also be an oil cooler in the near future as well for the trans.

    I just love to hate these things, new job is a 50km commute each way and the Fiesta ST is fun but not something I want to rack the km up on. The X5 was a whim, I looked at them when I got the XC90 but couldn't find the right one. This popped up so decided to scratch the itch.

  • Couple of photos of the X5 for the punters. Will get started on the XC70 in the next couple of weeks.

  • So I pulled the trigger on the rims and picked them up last night. Should have paid more attention, the are P3 XC70 rims with 235/65 r17 tyres fitted. A quick inspection this morning shows they have a 63mm center bore on the rims and I need a 65mm to fit the P2. Offset is not quite correct either with the P3 being +55 instead of the +49 required for the P2. I guess this is a long winded way of asking of anyone is interested in a very nice set of P3 rims....

  • This is the project...

  • Needs a rear bar and tow bar if I can find one and I will be good to go.

  • Good luck with the X5. I absolutely loath them! Ha!

    Like the punt though, enjoying the thread already. Why were the gearboxes so bad on these cars?

  • The X5 is awesome to drive. If I had the BMW equivalent of the VIDA I would probably keep the thing. Drives nicer than my V8 XC90 I had and that was pretty good. A

    As for the XC70 the same 5 speed was used in multiple cars. The heavier the car the more maintenance they need with flushes etc. Most don't get them. The same box in the lighter S40 is more reliable. Also post 2005 the upgraded to the AW55 box so less issues.

  • The BMW has the equivalent of vida

    It's cheaper as well

  • What's it called Mike?

  • There are multiple tools

    Inpa is the main one I use

    There are also others, because everything in the BMW is a bin file you can easily edit and add anything

  • Thought I would drop in some photos now that the paint and panel is sorted. Rego booked for 10 March then time for a stage 0.

  • A few more of the interior. The marks on the seats are from the leather treatment. I need to give them a wipe off for the final clean.

    Only marks as the small cut in the driver side rear door card and the small bit missing on the driver's seat.

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