RECOVERED - see below STOLEN Estate V70 Turbo Dk Blue 1996 NSW rego: CU83QI

Brehon47Tiny @Brehon47 Western Sydney
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My V70 Estate was stolen overnight between about 2200hrs last night & 0830 today (Thursday 23 January 2020).

The thief has entered our kitchen and taken the ignition key from the key rack. Vehicle was parked on our driveway at 9 Dan Crescent Castle Hill NSW 2154. It was serviced last week - it's in very good condition except for a graze on the driver's door. It's uninsured.

It has a large number of personal effects, tools and equipment in the luggage compartment.

Interior is in excellent condition - bone coloured leather.

If anyone spots the vehicle please either call the police (Event No 73899843) NSW Police number is 131444

OR call me on 042133246. Tiny/Adrian

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  • nickmnicko @nickm Sydeneee --- home of the traffic jamb, over priced coffee, and the 2000 Olympics
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    Sorry to hear, that is pretty brazen. Hope you get it back in good condition.

  • Brehon47Tiny @Brehon47 Western Sydney

    Thanks Nick. Tiny

  • Not good news at all . Hopefully you have a good outcome with this Tiny .

  • Brehon47Tiny @Brehon47 Western Sydney

    Thanks Steve. Tiny

  • Brehon47Tiny @Brehon47 Western Sydney

    Vehicle recovered in Baulkham Hills during Saturday night - 5 juveniles arrested when detected by plate reader the HWP have in their pursuit vehicles.. I hope they find an empathic Magistrate as entering the house is a separate offence.

    Back on a hoist to check the damage (needs an alignment at least) - a number of personal effects, tools and one leather boat shoe missing - could have been so much worse.

    Many thanks to those who took the time to email, message or phone.



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  • Xs4EyesXs4Eyes @Xs4Eyes Hervey Bay, QLD

    Good to see you got it back. I had my Ute stolen out of my driveway a couple years ago, on fkn Xmas eve with all my tools in the back. Found it on its side and burnt a month later.

  • pigdogdave @pigdog Wollongong NSW

    Glad you got the car back mate and glad those responsible were caught

  • Brehon47Tiny @Brehon47 Western Sydney
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    Xs4Eyes (@Xs4Eyes)

    My father was a builder for 60 years - he rarely swore but when he heard of anyone stealing tools he was scathing.

    I'm very lucky l got my vehicle back - l daresay it is a perverse instance of the brand when 14-15 years old kids consider a 21 years old vehicle worth pinching it for a joyride. It survived 3 days in their possession!.

    Thanks for your post. Adrian

  • very sorry to hear that Tiny

    I'm just up the road at Glenhaven and 2 of our 4 volvos are often parked on the street along with my ute.

    I wondered where my fuel was going from the ute until I realised someone was stealing it ; after I changed to a lockable cap it was still being stolen. Parked it in the driveway for a few weeks and whoever was doing it just gave up.

    Always worry about garbage trucks & runaway cars & break ins and get up in the night when I hear cars in the street at 3am. But for some little s**ts to break in like that..... mate I'd beat the crap out of them if they broke into my place or just suffocate them with my 125kg of fat assed lard.

    You know how they say you should never beat up intruders? When I was much younger and more of a woos the rear part of my house was alarm zoned at night & went off at 2am. My wife called the cops because this new fangled super expensive alarm was supposed to be very dependable. Cops arrived and found nothing out the back and said "mate if it was my house I's be out there with a baseball bat laying into the bastards" Turned out a rat had chewed through a cable under the house.....

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