240 Volvo 240 Wagon Roof Racks

Hi All,

Just wondering have you guys any recommendations for Volvo 240 roof racks to carry bicycles and camping gear etc?

My Volvo already has the standard carrying racks but they're not structurally sound enough to carry extra weight.

What should i do here? Should i be chasing racks that sit over these OEM racks or any suggestions?




  • PaddlerEdPaddler Ed @PaddlerEd New England Region, NSW

    Gutter mount racks and then Thule bike racks are my choice.

    Gutter mounts can be found fairly easily as a lot of Land Cruisers still use them (70 series), and there's still older ones that use them as well.

  • Thule still do gutter mount ones, I use them for bicycles etc. The taller racks fit over the factory roof racks neatly. Might be 9511 model.

  • morch_66479morch_66479 @morch_66479 Melbourne, VIC
    edited March 30

    Came across a set of 9511 racks last night with a 15mm from the gutter mount to the bottom of the bars. Bought them for $50 and they just clear the OEM racks by 5mm. made to fit :-)

  • morch_66479morch_66479 @morch_66479 Melbourne, VIC
    edited March 30


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