S/V/C70 V70XC rear end sag while towing

Hey brains trust, just back from camping with the old V70XC, while she towed great and generally pulled the trailer well. The back end of the car was sitting pretty low while everything was hooked up. Is there anything that can assist with raising the back end, like heavy duties springs, air assisted shocks?

Cheers guy


  • How much weight on the drawbar?

    With the p80 awd system you can put heavier rated springs into it but ride will suffer when not towing

  • 242GT242GT @242GT Wollongong NSW

    Measure how much weight the trailer has forward of the trailer axles + how much weight rear of the car is loaded up with.

    Becarefull not to tow a weight that is actually overloading the rear suspension especially if the trailer springs are stronger than the rear car springs as it will transfer weight.

  • TzantushkaTrent @Tzantushka E. suburbs - Melbourne


    What he said.

    From memory these things have a tow rating of 1600kg.

    If it has a square hole hitch receiver towbar, then your max downball load is around 160kg (or less).

    i.e. drawbar weight on the towball

    From your picture you look like you have a fair bit of mass (load) forward of the trailer axle.

    e.g. bikes, spare wheel, load box etc.

    Too much ball load will cause this issue.

    Whether you have HD springs or airbags or whatever, they don't magically 'remove' mass on the towball.

    How do you check downball load?

    Buy one of these from Repco/SuperCheap or


    Or call into Parkside when you're in town and ask if they can measure your downball load

    Or rig-up something funky with some heavy scales.

    Full disclosure I work for the company that has a commercial interest in Parkside

  • gavinhGav @gavinh Parmelia, Perth

    As far as I know it has original springs and nivomats were possable replaced 10ish years ago.

    The weight on the hitch wasn't huge I was able it lift the hitch off the ground as the latch for the jocky wheel didn't click in fully when I was pushing the trailer so was possably around the 50-60kg mark.

    The 4 bikes and bike carrier would be heavier I Recon. Might be worth fitting a rease hitch on the back of the trailer.

  • PaddlerEdPaddler Ed @PaddlerEd New England Region, NSW

    Braked or unbraked trailer? I see no handbrake or overrun hitch, so I'm taking a guess it's unbraked (rather than electric brakes).

    Take the whole lot to the weighbridge:

    1. run the front axle on, make a note of the load - Volvo are good at giving you axle loads on the VIN plates
    2. run the rear axle on at the same time, make a note - you need this because this the car's GVM; subract the weight from 1. and you get the rear axle load (see 1. above; this time you're getting the rear axle load)
    3. unhitch the trailer, make a note (ideally pull the bikes off as well) this will tell you something approximating the weight you've put on the hitch. A noseweight gauge as Trent has mentioned is a good $50-100, and is much safer than a bit of 2x2 and the bathroom scales...
    4. hitch the trailer up, pull the whole lot onto the weighbridge and make a note - this will give you the gross combined mass or gross train mass
    5. unhitch the car, and leave the trailer on the weighbridge, make a note

    Then go and work out how much you've got spare (or not spare) based on the factory specs - unbraked tow limits are set by the manufacutrer and might be less than you expect... They're not 750kg by default. You can (if you're brave) do this whole exercise loaded with everyone and all the stuff - but beware that someone might end up walking home if you're over weight...

    I would suspect that whilst it's liftable at that sort of 60kg, the weight of the bikes (call that another 50kg if the bikes are reasonable quality) and the rack (~10kg) and you're already at 100kg on the towbar.

    I'd be hesitant about moving the bike to the back of the trailer - that's a bit of weight that can cause a pendulum effect, and also the shaking on them (and a couple of them look half decent) might not be the best for them.

  • gavinhGav @gavinh Parmelia, Perth

    All the bikes are alloy framed, just weighed them all with carrier and hitch all up 76kg

  • PaddlerEdPaddler Ed @PaddlerEd New England Region, NSW

    My guess of 60kg wasn't too bad then! That was based on our bikes weighing around the 12.5kg mark for my XL hard tails (all fast XC type bikes), and a touch heavier for the FS (which is a small trail bike)

  • gavinhGav @gavinh Parmelia, Perth

    Yeah kids bikes are 13 each and mine and the missus are 18-19 each and the trailer had 10inch electric brakes, I'm not game to tow with out brakes. I reckon the weight on the hitch would be close to 140-150kg. Suppose shifting the bikes on the trailer would be ideal but a pain on the arse

  • gavinhGav @gavinh Parmelia, Perth

    Thats easier said than done with the bikes balanced on the hitch, I think this is where the issue is

  • 242GT242GT @242GT Wollongong NSW

    Move spare wheel to side of box trailer closer to axle load point.

    Tool box hard up against box of trailer.

    What's the safe working load of the wagons roof, is it possible to put canoes on racks on the roof.

    Bikes on rack over top of box trailer, these can hinge from the side and lock down in square mounted horse style posts opposite hinged side.

    Just a thought to move the weight away from the mid point between car axle and trailer axle and correct mentioned safe load on tow ball.

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