Weber DCOE jetting on a Lynx

Life is too short to reinvent the wheel too many times, so I'm hoping someone can give me a set of specs for setting up a 40 or 45 DCOE (I can use either) for a Lynx manifold. I have a B20 with a B20E head and exhaust manifold, and a mild Crane cam (similar to the "D" grind). I know it's going to take some fiddling to fine tune, but where should I start? What are folks using for their main and idle jets, air correctors, venturi/choke, etc.

Any thoughts of 40 vs 45?

Thanks in advance.


  • I assume you mean the crossover manifold with a single DCOE? I’ve got one of those on a B20 but I’m in America at the moment. If nobody chimes in to help, PM me in early March and I can look when I get back.

    Same if it’s actually twins you have. All my B20s (4 of them) use 45s with 34 chokes (I think). 3 of the engines are pretty standard size, one is 2.5 litres.

  • Yes, I'm looking to set up a single Weber on the Lynx manifold. Thanks.

  • I had a 40mm DCOE 18 on a B20 with a Lynx manifold. After a few tests, lots of money on parts and some conversations with Daniel at Weber Performance I ended up with this. It was great, just awesome to drive after the carb and the tuning. It was a stocker with a good (standard) exhaust system.

    If you do not yet have a carb, just get a new one from Daniel and he will jet it for you, better than getting a second hand one then spending $400 on parts for it - I know from experience.

    You will also want to look at a fuel injected throttle pedal and a cable link for the carb. Forget the linkages, they are trouble, clunky, loose and lots more moving parts. Forget the choke cable too, if it is tuned correctly and you know to go easy for the first few minutes in the car then it is a complication you can avoid.

    Depending on car, a 144 will take the K&N filter as pictured with a little modification for the steering shaft, also the ram tubes, tiny little dinky ones, will need a bit of die grinder in the air filter.

    I found the 40mm was fine for running about town and the occasional burst, if you are going past 5000 RPM more than once a month then maybe more is required, Daniel will know. There is also the bragging rights of having a 45mm DCOE on your car, not sure how much faster that makes it though...

    Most of the parts listed below not in the last column are on a shelf here and for sale too.

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