164 and 144 for sale Gold Coast QLD PRICE DROP $1400 for both cars!

davemdave @davem Gold Coast
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Hi Guys

PRICE DROPPED NEED THESE GONE ASAP. $1400 or make me an offer! Dont want to have to part them out and dont have the time.

2017 i started a 164 project which stalled due to business, life etc so now i am selling them off. If i had time or space i would keep as these are rare now

I have a 164 with a very solid body, mechanically good and partially primed from bare metal. No interior as i bought a 144 with a very nice custom interior to go in it.

144 runs and sort of drives lol but is shagged as it had a crash but it does have a good running engine and gearbox, good dash and instrument cluster etc and all the suspension goodies except for the right hand front.

164 runs and drives (not registered). has good running engine (tune would help) and gearbox, brakes need a bleed, body is very good cept for paint and rust has been cut out from wheel wells with replacement bits there to go in (from 144). most other rust is surface rust.

A good part of the car has been back to bare metal and primed however a couple of spots have shown surface rust coming through but easy fix. Has been under car cover for 2 years so no new structural rust.

Glass good on both cars and there are also many other random bits included.

Have factory 164 metallic paint in can ($400 worth) also.

Would part both out but can't really be bothered so looking to sell all inclusive, both cars.

Would be good to see the 164 completed but if someone wanted to make some $$ they would buy both and part out.

The sum of these and paint owe me $4k, looking for $2k for everything but i am open to offers (not silly ones)

A couple of people here have seen these cars in the flesh so could probably weigh in on this.



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