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S80 Forward sensing radar replacement

First post, first Volvo...

I did a silly thing and bought a 2012 S80 3.2 T6 R-design from an online auction from interstate; “minor scratches etc, should inspect before bidding etc” but it looked good value, and worth a punt.

Arranged delivery, and when it arrived it appeared to be sensational; very tidy, bit of luxury, great audio, quiet inside, and a bit of oomph (enough for an old bloke like me)

Had to get a vehicle inspection to get registration and here came the issue: failed because of “collision warning”

Local dealer advised that after checking the collision warning on VIDA, the forward sensing module needs to be replaced. The price quoted for the replacement part is rather a lot (can’t use the words I said at the time!).

I can buy a new OEM replacement for my VIN from USA, and I’ve also found a used one in Australia that is suitable for my VIN.

Does anyone know whether the part can be fitted by a local garage, or whether it have to be coded to my car by a Volvo dealer? If so, does anyone know a good divorce lawyer?


  • Welcome to the forum, fellow Taswegian!

    My wife owns the 2010 S80 V8 R-Design which sits in our garage, and which also has the radar unit in the grille for collision warning and adaptive cruise control. I don't know if the radar unit is on the CAN bus or not. I am not a fan of CAN bus.

    When we first got the V8, it had an issue with the climate unit, which is a CAN bus controlled item. The control panel had consumed a coffee at some point, and was thus cactus. A replacement panel was fitted, but none of the flap doors, etc wanted to work - all the signals were there, but the panel didn't want to talk to them. It was finally determined that the replacement control panel had to be reprogrammed with the vehicle's VIN and other particulars. So the days of grabbing good parts from a wrecker, etc, and just bolting them up to get them going, are gone.

    Perhaps @timbo or @Philia_Bear can answer this question - they've far more knowledgeable about CAN bus and P3 vehicle electronics than me.

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    If it's a T6 then it's a 3 litre. Check to see if the windscreen has been replaced. It could have a cheap aftermarket windscreen and I've seen issues with them.

    Was the FSM a permanent fault? Did they delete the fault codes and did it come back or was it just stored from a previous time? Is there a message on the screen for an SRS fault or are there no messages? I had an XC60 which had one pin broken in the plug that connected to the radar unit. I purchased a new radar but found the problem while fitting the replacement. Anyone can fit it and perform the calibration of it.



  • Thanks BGPZ,

    i’m not mechanically inclined, but hopefully it’s not a can-bus issue.

    Thanks Mike,

    The windscreen has a Volvo Belgium logo, so I think its OEM.

    Report says “fault codes checked, the FSU has internal permanent internal fault. FSM reload was done but fault still in system... replacement module required”

  • @VolvoMike you would have more experience with these than most.

    I see there's software listed for the FSM, sounds like Volvo dealer tried to reload.Can you fit a 2nd hand FSM and just calibrate it with vida?

    I vaguely recall that there was something you need to put in front of the car as part of the calibration?

  • What is the part number that you need?

  • Hi Mike,

    Part number is 31318979

  • Hi,

    thanks everyone for your help.

    I now understand that the replacement module will need to be coded to my VIN, which I’m told means I can’t fit a used one (because it can’t be re-coded).

    Good news is that if l can new OEM from USA it can be coded.

    Looking forward to getting it sorted and enjoying the driving :)

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