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S/V40 Wanting to Purchase V40

edited January 13 in General

Hi guys,

I'm in the market for a used vehicle.

I drive 25,000 highway kilometers per year. My biggest concern is purchasing a safe vehicle, with a bit of grunt to get up hills etc. and hopefully one that is reliable too.

I'm looking at Volvos due to their reputation for safety, although I'm stuck on exactly what to purchase. Ideally my budget is $15k, although I'm flexible to $20k if it means meeting my requirements of safe, grunt and reliable.

What year and spec V40 would I be looking at to suit my requirements? Or should I be considering an XC instead?

Lastly, what are the things I need to check/ask about during inspection of said vehicle? What are the red flags to avoid?

I really appreciate everyone's assistance in advance.




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