[FOUND] 1993+ B230 block

buddyglitchTommy @buddyglitch Melbourne
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Looking for a 93+ turbo block (L block with oil squirters). Any condition as long as rebuildable. Preferably in VIC.


  • I have a turbo block that is NOT an L block. It ran fine though had a big end knock under load so was pulled. Yours for $50. Not sure if it can be converted to the squirters, I think not.

  • Yes it can be converted to use squirters, look on turbobricks

  • Many though aren't making necessary levels of HP to make use of them

  • You can drill K-blocks so they'll accept squiters. There is (or was) one of the jig and drill kits doing the rounds in OZ, which IIRC John V (JVAB Imports in the US) originally put together. Not sure where is it at the moment though.

    OTOH, L-blocks are already drilled, and most L blocks after 1993 (with round tooth timing belt) have them fitted. In both NA and turbo versions. Earlier L-blocks have solid bolts in place of the hollow bolts and squiters.

    The OP can use a NA L-block with squirters and just drill the block at the oil gallery flange for the turbo pressure feed, and again at the flange for the oil drain. NA blocks also tend to have a bit less bore wear than turbo blocks of the same vintage. I'm using NA L-blocks for my B230 16V +t builds.

  • Cheers, have been considering an NA L-block as well for that very reason. Will call up the usual suspects this week. Just thought I'd see if someone on here might have one lying around.

    Are you using NA pistons as well in the 16V, @bgpzfm142 ?

  • bgpzfm142bgpzfm142 @bgpzfm142 Launceston TAS
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    Nope, I'm using CP pistons and rods which I ordered from John Vanlandingham at JVAB imports.


    ETA - The crowns of the 16V pistons have been fly cut so that the valves won't hit them - the 16V is an interference engine.

  • I too am looking for a block. Prefer a na squirter block. With standard bore size if that’s even possible to find lol. In Melbourne.

  • They will definitely all be standard 96mm bore, no 940 owner would ever spend thousands on boring larger nor would they need to, so you won't have to worry

  • Open to any NA block from 1993 onwards

  • pigdogdave @pigdog Wollongong NSW
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    Not in Vic but might be of interest

  • I got two of mine from @iceton1975 / Berry Motor Group in Melboune, which also have a receipt with the engine numbers - very useful when doing the Registration Inspection Tango.

  • $76 bucks at imlachs. it pays to wait!! Thanks to @Samman88 for helping me slug it out in the heat!

  • Nice score! :)

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