240 No start

1991 240 sedan auto. Fitted a new Bosch battery, but the car refuses to start. Power to the electrics, lights,indicators ,dash etc. immobiliser flashes as normal until key is inserted and turned in ignition,then stops to flash. I think that is normal. Anyway. The car won't start either in neutral or P. Any ideas?


  • Does it crank or make any noises at all?

  • No cranking

  • Starter motor or wiring to it may be dead. To take wiring out of the equation, you can use a screw driver on the starter motor to jumper the terminals of it. Jumper the main red wire power feed and the terminal the yellow (? maybe with a blue trace, I haven't woken up completeky yet) wire goes on to. If the starter motor works, this should make the engine crank over.

  • I would look at the neutral safety switch first, then get rid of the immobiliser (they cause nothing but headache)

    the alarm/immobiliser is upset the battery power has been cut

  • Thankyou all for your various helpful comments. The problem turned out to the starter motor. After giving the starter motor an unceremonial tap with a small hammer, the engine breathed life again.

    Regards to all.


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