S/V60 2013 S60 polestar advice before buying

Hi all i am in the market for a semi new car for my partner i came across a 2013 S60 polestar 44000km my questions are there common problems i should look for, anything major that goes wrong with them? Or anything else i should be aware of if and when i go for a look thanks again

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  • It's a MY14 not 13 as it's a facelifted version. At those km, discs and pads will be running low and they are a big expense to replace. The MY15 has a few extra things over the others and personally I think they are the best version. Will need a trans flush but generally they're pretty good and reliable.



  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    @iceton1975 has a supplier of cheaper brake replacements, someone is bringing them in.

    Have you considered an S or V60T6 , you can upgrade what you want,power,exhaust ,suspension etc and not have to have 20" tyres and crazy expensive brakes to replace.

    Full front and back brake replacement on a non P* is about 700 iirc whereas that might get you the pads for the P* only.

    Factor in 20" versus 17 Or 18" tyres , you can buy a lot of upgrades for those savings...

    And, if it's a commute car, the non P* is a hell of a lot of fun don't worry about that.

  • Thanks for the advice. I have a FPV territory with 6 pot bremos on the front so i know bout replacing pads and disks lol. But is old and getting tired i want a newer car with lower km that's still some fun when i get to drive it. I will habe a look at MY15 S60 and the V60 T6. I also have 1 small todler so it has to occomodate her and all her crap LOL that why i want to go see if the s60 has enough room for it all. Thanks @VolvoMike and @Ex850R for the info

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    The v60 is smaller than the old v70 for collecting crap off the side of the road which is a good thing for me! The v60 is ok for my work stuff but I reckon a bit small for full size pram and the rest that goes with it but I've seen small cars full of baby stuff so it's up to the owner....

    The brakes on this range of cars are good enough for spirited use,I'm putting xc60 fronts on mine next change,I considered buying used brembo kit off a P* but near 3K bux, it's not worth it for the extra maintenance cost versus daily use.

    The std v60 puts a smile on my face every drive.

  • @VolvoMike if you dont mind whay extra thinga does the MY15 have over the others. I might check out XC60 T6 just for the more boot space

  • Sorry about the spelling i just re read it

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    I read it as it was meant to , proves the brain is a good thing! HA , proves i have one i guess hehehe.

    The XC will give you a taller cab and the taller rear bit but same as the V60 inside , i can't comment on dynamics , maybe some lower profile tyres would help it , use same as the V60 has maybe unless you want more comfort.

    Lots of tuning stuff for them but the basic and cost effective way is a flash of the ECU tune , a big downpipes , after that its incremental and expensive. If you see the induction side upgrades they are very expensive for little gain , its a turbo , it would benefit more from the bigger turbo and maybe then doing the inlet side of things. Intercooler doesn't seem to do too much in reality according to some , on paper yes.

    There is a new intake mani by Elevate , all along i have asked for flow bench figures and no reply only CAD simulation which to me looks like a dumb waste of money , a LOT of money....

    Peeps and their money are easily parted when bolt on bits are touted!

  • TzantushkaTrent @Tzantushka E. suburbs - Melbourne

    I've had my MY15 V60 Polestar for ~ 3 years and it's been trouble free.

    Apart from a banjo bolt that was weeping, no major issues (touch wood).

    The extra oomph and handling & braking are great - plus that sound from the inline 6.

    But as the guys said, you have to 'pay to play' so the key wear items such as brakes and tyres are more expensive to replace than the regular S/V60 T6.

    I'm planning on keeping mine for a bit longer.

    Suggest you take your time and drive both the Polestar and the T6.

    Best compromise would be a T6 and a polestar tune for everyday use.

  • The black MY15 doesn't have all the gloss trims but the others do so that's front bar trim pieces, grille and rear diffuser and they all have gloss window surrounds. 20" wheels compared to 19's, all MY15's have the 6 piston brembos but MY14 is hit and miss. Boot spoiler is bigger and different badges on the rear. The MY14 engine cover is better as it has a Polestar sticker but the 15 has a bigger turbo running less boost to make the same power. They also have a bi modal exhaust the bypasses the muffler in sport mode.

    Internally, the MY14 is more R design. The 15 gets matching stitched door trims, floor mats, arm rest, steering wheel, gearshift boot and a blue lit shift knob instead of white. Steering wheel is also heated, has carbon fibre console, Polestar pedals and footrest with Polestar badge embossed on the seats.

  • Thank you every one for all your help it is much appreciated

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