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  • ^ That would be most appreciated, thank you. I will drop you a PM.

  • So we've gotta collect all this by tomorrow 3rd of FEB I am told.

    I've ended up with 16 panels and 4 tranny's.... Yet missed out on the main item I was probably after, the 144 bonnet (was just busy). Is the buyer of that bonnet on this forum and happening to be collecting it (thought I'd ask, since I am thinking a lot of this stuff may not be collected in time).

    Going to be interesting loading all this in an 8x5 trailer and my ute. Can't be bothered driving the big Sprinter can all the way to Taree by myself.

  • cant believe i missed this thread, would have loved a spare m47!

  • Not sure there was a single M46/7. Mostly old 4 speeds tranny's, few Autos and a couple of rare Getrag 5 speeds from 260's (not sure what those are good for if you don't have a 260).

  • @ToomanyVolvos writes -

    Is the buyer of that bonnet on this forum and happening to be collecting it

    Yes - I am the buyer of the 140 hood (since I have three 140s) and James kindly collected it for me last week.

    I got in touch with the auctioneer early in the piece since I knew shipping was going to be an issue (note my earlier post in this thread). IIRC they specified in the auction that they wouldn't ship large items back to their regional depots. I have some smaller items which Lloyds will ship to their Melbourne depot, and they said they can post them from there.

    I have yet to find any company who is prepared to transport car panels, engines, etc interstate for Ordinary Joes - oh, they'll do it if you're a company, but won't if you're not. This is why I still have two sheds' worth of parts on the mainland. If somebody has actual experience with a freight company which does, please enlighten us all. So far, I've tried asking Pickfords, Toll, TNT, Pack & Send, and a number of others who have all said nay or failed to respond.

  • Pack and send's motto is We send anything anywhere!

    I've used them before where I sold a windscreen, they came and picked it up, packed it and sent it.

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    Visiting the now closed north coast Auto wreckers was a sad experience. So much inventory going to scrap, likely much of what sold will remain uncollected.

    The problem with panels is that those willing to ship want big $$$. Collecting myself also cost big $$$ to get these items to Bathurst where they will be stored. Even though I paid next to nothing for the 30 odd items I ended up with, I have to factor in maybe $1500-2000 in costs moving them if I include lost overtime on top of all the other costs.

    I collected 16 panels and the 4 tranny's I paid for..... Then found out that 90% of all the transmissions, which would have been well over 100 units, were sold to a scrappy. The Guys on staff contacted the scrappy and he sold me the 4 Volvo transmissions he won for a small fee.

    I'm left wondering why nobody from here bid on all these items. I know freight or collection is painful, but essentially about 10 Volvo transmissions were going to be scrapped. Other than what I bid on and the scrappy it looks like the only other tranny's sold were the Getrag units.

  • It's 2020 and only boomers have the space to store essentially worthless Volvo parts, how long have the parts been sitting at the wreckers with no buyers?

  • Is a transmission not worth 2-3K for someone who absolutely needs it? AW71 sold for $4, I purchased from the scrappy for $40. The problem is that now it owes me much more and I have to store it, but surely it's worth it for these old RWD cars.

    The problem is the buyer's of parts expect everything for free. Just a couple of days ago someone wanted a C30 air conditioning compressor and thought $300 was unreasonable for a car that's done 40K. After all the costs associated with acquisition and holding, plus labour, that's dirt cheap. They wanted it for half that and I'd rather send my cars to scrap than spend my hours pulling parts for free.

  • @ToomanyVolvos I totally agree. Due to space constraints at out workshop, I keep as many small items as possible off the cars we wreck. Recently had one customer not willing to pay $100 for a HID Ballast from a C30 I wrecked when a new one from Volvo is like 10 times the price.

  • I Picked up a pair of M40 transmissions at this Auction, quite cheap. The auction company arranged transport to a Melbourne depot, $49 each, still worth it from my perspective, would have hated to see them sold for scrap metal.......Space constraints? who cares.........

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    Ah, the fun and games....

    Seems the small items I bid upon, which the check-out process hinted would be posted to my locale, aren't going to be posted to me after all.

    Instead, they were being shipped to their depot, in Melbourne.

    I'm a bit annoyed about this - I paid what I was led to believe was a postage charge at checkout, but now I'm told it wasn't that at all. Then the guy from the auctioneers phoned me, and said they'd be shipped to a depot and posted from there, and I was told there may be an additional postage, which wasn't a problem, and then call back next week to find out what it would be.

    The guy was called back on Monday morning. Now I'm told that, no, my lots won't be posted, and the lots have to be picked up "by your courier from our Melbourne depot"....

    ... and then the morning later, I get an SMS saying "your Taree ... items have now arrived at Lloyds Carrara ... for collection".....

    WTAF? Now they're in Brisbane! Or are they?

    Well, nobody knows; they're MIA. Lost. So a refund is pending. Still pending. From the middle of February.

    Did I write that I was a bit annoyed.... oh, pardon me, might update status to 'highly pissed off' about this. If they hasn't misled me into believing these smaller items could and would to be posted, subject to paying an extra fee of course, then I would have arranged to have them picked up with the stuff which they said was 'pickup only' and saved the hassle.

    @ToomanyVolvos asked why so many lots didn't get bids - now I can see why. It's nice being able to buy some bits for a a few bucks, but no courier wants to ship the sodding things unless you're a corporate.

  • 1971_144GL1971_144GL (@1971_144GL) Launceston, Tasmania


    Next time I am a company in Launceston if it helps.

    I have a 144 bonnet if it's on your needs list.

    Hope your projects are going well. I would come to visit, but .....

  • @bgpzfm142 so sorry to hear the parts are MIA, most importantly rare parts have not made it to their next caretaker till they're eventually needed.

    I purchased many many items I'll probably never use and wish I'd put in a bid for many more. There was a lot with dozens of 140 series lights I saw when I visited, I gather that cost someone much less than $100 and hope that made it to it's destination.

    The freight deals they offered were sometimes a little misleading, but moving transmissions to a capital city depot for $50 was at least helpful.

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