XC90 D5 2009 Executive Wont start

Hi Oz Volvo folks,

Wife's car broke down whilst driving, engine cut and spluttered and engine switched off. Haven't been able to get it to start since getting it towed home yesterday. With the charger on it cranks fine but does not start.

I have put it on the charger so battery is full.

I have put through vida dice and pulled the codes

-ECM-2530 fuel system - too low

-ECM-2590 fuel system - too low

I then ran the live data through Vida with the following results.

  • Engine speed at start of crank 230 then drops to 210-15
  • fuel pressure sensor 35000-45000 hPa
  • Fuel pressure nominal value 350,000 hPa
  • Current through fuel pressure regulator at with ignition key in not starting 200mA

I can see that the fuel pressure sensor is detecting very low reading 10-12% of what the nominal value should be but i am not sure what next to do as i don't know if it is a faulty fuel pressure sensor giving incorrect readings or is in fact faulty?

The fuel tank is 90% full as well. I am thinking that it could the in tank fuel pump has gone bad, or the fuel pressure regulator or fuel pressure sensor but don't want to go buying parts until i have pin pointed the problem more.

Last year i changed the fuel filter housing complete with filter so its not that.

I would greatly appreciate your help as its the wife's car and we are highly dependent upon it for kids to school and her work commitments.

I live 20 mins south of Campbelltown 2560.


  • It's relatively common for the in tank pump to fail and it will usually burn out the 12v supply pin on the fuel pump connector.

    Easiest way to check would be at the fuel lines. It should run the pump when key is turned or you can trigger it with vida.

  • Thanks heaps Tim for your reply, i'll let you know how i go with what you suggest.

  • Regarding the in tank pump is oem the only way to go or are there alternatives like Walbro for example?

    Closet Volvo oem stockist is Peter Warren in Warrick Farm, any one else have other sources?

  • You can get cheaper OEM ones from sandwood trading 03 9898 0314.

    It's an entire fuel sender assembly and you have to drop the fuel tank out to replace it.

  • Thanks heaps Tim much appreciated.

  • I got to the pump today and i can still hear it working when key is turned on. Does any one know what should be the nominal flow rate of the fuel pump and how to measure that to determine whether it requires to be replaced or not?

  • you can still have flow but not supply pressure as experienced this a few times, take off the supply to mechanical pump and see if you have flow. Then put your finger over it and see if you can stop the flow otherwise it will build pressure and squirt like a garden hose.

    cheers steve

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    *wear glasses or face shield.

  • Thank you Steve and Les. If I have a pressure gauge on the supply/output line what would be the expected pressure ignition on? 10psi, 20 psi etc?

  • Thank you very much @Philia_Bear, i haven’t checked the timing belt but it was done last year at Annlyn Penrith all oem parts, including swirl flap kit and new fuel rail lines.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    When the belt went in,were the pulleys and islets and water pump renewed too?

  • Yep they were all done as well. Okay more info it’s not the pump 100psi flow.

  • Dont assume that the timingbelt is ok. I had one fail at 3000kms after replacement.Inspect the belt physically.

  • Brand new common rail pressure sensor and pressure valve regulator. Still had same symptoms however I believe the sensor was on its way out as new sensor has higher pressure rail reading in vida. Did the low pressure bleed on the high pressure pump no change.

    Final test performed before giving in and towing to Penrith was leak back test just removed the injector clips and popped off the injector return line and placed paper towel on top of each injector and cranked engine for 10 seconds. Discovered injector number 4 (two in from high pressure pump) was leaking like Edward Snowden. The paper towel in the 10 seconds was soaked!!

    So relived i have identified the problem. Never owned a diesel car before so a lot of learning experience from this one. Apart from the obvious injector replacement what else do I need? e.g new copper washers etc

  • Sadly to take it to the dealer as a software download is required for swapping an injector

    Also it should still start with just 1 dead injector so I would be worried about contaminated fuel

    Its only $80 or something for a test of the fuel, pulling the feed line off the pump and putting a L into a glass bottle and seeing what it actually looks like would not be a bad idea

  • Hooray, it started with new Bosch injector, running the Vida DFP regen now as got Soot filter full message.

    The old injector was leaking so badly that the minimum rail pressure was not reached and ECU signaling the low fuel pressure and thus non start issue.

    Are Volvo dealers the only option for injector programming?

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.


  • The thing I'm worried about is the condition of other injectors and the pump,

    How much bypass were the other injectors leaking?

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