240 OEM rubber bushings suppliers

It’s time to replace the bushings in my 240 wagon. I’ve done my research on the forums and the consensus seems to be that polyurethane is good for most locations but that some bushings are best kept OEM rubber if you want to maintain good ride quality (in particular, the rear trailing arm). OEM is apparently the only way to go - anything less will wear out too fast.

So, the question is: where can I find OEM rubber bushings? I’ve looked all over and it seems like IPD are the only ones who sell them, but for an absolute fortune. Are there any other options? Or any aftermarket brands that will do the job without compromising too much on longevity?


  • Sandwood trading in Melbourne 03 9898 0314

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    Sandwood supplies pro parts and scantech brands (ask them to confirm). Which is alright if you don't want to keep the car for very long, but I'd rather spend the cash and not have to worry about it again

  • skandix.de

    their shipping is odd so build up an order first. it is 50€ per 35kg.

  • Does Skandix still have Volvo (blue box) trailing arm bushes for the 240? When I ordered from them I think I had to get Boge, who may have been the original supplier anyway, as they look exactly the same as the Volvo ones (two holes through the rubber and a 'this side up' arrow).

  • they have Boge ones, which is what i took out to replace them so they seem oem. you need the tool to r&r them. borrow on from your local volvo specialist or buy ine from skandix (borrow better here).

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