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240 OMG please save me from insanity - fuel line re install

I have meticulously extracted my 240's b230 engine and m46 gearbox.... I cleaned everything... repainted block...replaced engine wiring harness, gaskets, o/d switches and wiring....all suspension bushings and strut inserts...etc..etc put it all back in and cannot find a home on the kjet for what I believe is the return line.... it is the one thing I did not take off when removing intake manifold prior to engine extraction...I had a willing helper ( now uncontactable as he honeymoons O/S) who removed this line while I was getting intimate with an engine mount hiding behind steering box.

It is the last piece of puzzle and I am hoping it doubles up on the fuel

inlet line banjo as I can get to that easy enough....I am fingers crossed trying to prevent having to remove inlet manifold again to get where this line goes onto. Marking on the rubber line seem to indicate it went down between 3 and 4 inlet tubes....

I have scoured the internet for a plumbing line diagram and searched this here forums to no avail.....

So after ages of reading awesome posts on this first post makes me look like a numpty as I try to rebirth my mighty 240....

Any clues for me?


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