[SOLD] Volvo ‘Capella’ alloy wheels x4 (Brisbane)

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Hi all,

Selling a set of 4 Volvo ‘Capella’ alloy wheels with very new tyres 225/40ZR18

These have a fair bit of gutter rash and could do with refinishing.

The pictures show the condition of each wheel and the size and Volvo part number for reference.

One wheel looks to have had a professional crack repair previously, these have been on my 850 for 6 months with no issues at all.

I‘m selling as to be legal on the 850, I need to run a smaller tyre on them and would rather not run a lower profile than they are, so will look for set of 17’s.

Dimensions: 18x8"

Offset: +49mm

Centerbore: 65.1mm

link below has a fitment guide and more details

Price is $600, pick up in brisbane

PM me if interested,




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