V50 2006 key fob difficult to remove.

It goes in ok, starts the car fine.

When the car is turned off, the key won't turn fully so it can be removed easily. Twice in the last day it's taken some fiddling/wriggling of the key to get it to release. Is this crud possibly? Is there something else causing this?

The car has been running fine otherwise.



  • I had a problem on my C30 when I used a new key (2 keys came with the car - only one had been used)...found I had to pull really hard on the new key to remove it, but it didn’t have any issues where the key wouldn’t turn back to the off position. If that’s the case it could be the ignition lock/key capture solenoid? I think that’s a known issue on these cars. Are you always using the same key or do you have 2 that you swap between? If you have 2 keys, try the other one to rule out the key as being an issue.

  • Thanks Greg S.

    From your link, this video shows how to replace the ignition switch. https://youtu.be/bd7EpPM6ZiA

    Using the car today it seemed better, coming out easily if I turned it off then slightly back towards the 1 and back to off quickly again. It then came out fine.

    Maybe the beginning of the switch failure?

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