[VIC] STOLEN = Silver S90, last seen near Discovery Parks Melbourne in Braybrook Tues Nov 12

Via Facebook.

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The owner has supported Oz Volvo and IIRC is a member here.

Car thieves are garbage and ought to be hung.


  • William Liaos car. Poor bloke.

    Hope when they find it, it's not too damaged.

  • How does one steal one of these without the key? I thought the steering wheels locks were pretty strong.

    Hoping this now rare car hasn't been damaged and finds its way back home.

  • Wheel lock is easily removed with tooling without much noise

    Otherwise... easily picked with right tools

    You tube search for lock picking lawyer to see how easy it is

  • I didn't say it wasn't easy for a well researched individual with the right tools in his back pocket..... But a 20+ year old Volvo is not generally a target for high end thieves?

  • jamesincJames (@jamesinc) Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    Not even complicated tools though, probably some universal bump key for car ignitions

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    Well I feel stupid, took me a lot of headache removing the wheel lock assembly from a 142, and only then by drilling it off and destroying it.

    Still has me baffled. The S90 is a cool and attractive car to those of us who are blessed with the ability to appreciate such things.... But to a thief? I've accidentally left my Volvo's with unlocked with windows opened on a busy street for 24+ hours with valuables inside (wallet in full view) untouched. Same street an ordinary grey duffle bag (with valuables) was stolen from my veranda in 10 mins. Was like the Volvo had some sort of forcefield keeping evil away.

  • Spotted at about 3PM on Wednesday afternoon by @iceton1975's wife, driving up Camp Road in Broadmeadows.

  • Owner is now offering a significant cash reward for information leading to the successful recovery of the car. Even more incentive for Melbourne folk to keep a lookout.

  • The company I work for does mechanical vehicle inspections on recovered stolen cars for a local panel shop, to allow them to have a complete picture of condition so they can accurately decide if a car should be repaired or written off.

    We see everything from fifteen year old cars worth $1500 up to late model six figure luxury cars. The majority of cars we see can't be stolen without having a key.

    The only pattern seems to be thieves are opportunistic, and will take a car because they are able to, rather than because they want or need the car for any reason.

    I really hope this one gets recovered intact for the owner.

  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    From Braybrook to Broadie.....some scary looking suburbs right there,Broadie more so....

  • Yes it’s my car & still missing, can everyone in Melbourne PLEASE keep a sharp lookout for it. I am offering $1,000 cash reward for info leading to successful recovery.

    This particular car is actually my 3 year old son’s favourite car out of my 3 Volvo’s. Every time we go out he’d ask me if we can go in the silver car, usually when I go out with my family I take the olive green wagon but when I do tell him yes we’re going out in the silver car, his face really lights up with joy. This morning when he woke up he came to my beside to tell me again that he really loves the silver car & asks me when will we be getting it back... really breaks my heart.

  • Any updates? :(

  • Still no news, despite having increased reward to $2,000 a week ago which I’ve posted in quite a few Facebook stolen car groups. It’s not looking very promising...

  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.

    Damn... As a legit owner of a S90, I'd be happy to offload it for $2k. No idea how you'd resist giving back a stolen one for that much money...

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