Scrap yard or new engine for my 2007 diesel XC70??

Hi everyone, grateful for your thoughts on whether to scrap our 2007 diesel XC70 with 176,000kms, or pay about $8,000 for a new engine supply and install?

The alternator was replaced 18 months ago by a suburban mechanic (not our Volvo specialist), not sure if the alternator belt was replaced but last week the belt split and hit the timing belt which has then destroyed the engine. The engine stopped while idling and the car can't be started.

If we do the repairs, I am interested in your thoughts regarding other potential major repairs in the next 10 years eg transmission, gear box, suspension etc. Trying to crunch the numbers on the repair cost and the cost to run it, compared to scrapping it and buying another 2nd hand car.

Many thanks, HelllyL


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    Motors can be had but supply is tight due to this problem so any Wreckers may or may not have one.

    Berry Motor group usually have one,call and ask for a quote or advice or to get motor shipped from them.

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    Berry wanted about $6,000 (or more depending on cost to get the engine) to supply and fit for my V50 D5. Les is right; high Km engines are easy to find, one you'd want less so. You are probably going to do other major repairs like the gearbox if you plan on keeping 10 years so i'd suggest on that basis not to go ahead.

    When you say 'wreck' I would say if you want to get rid of it sell it to someone like Berry (or equivalent in your state) who may be interested in fixing and reselling it or at least will be more likely to give you better than scrap value because they will use or sell the parts.

    I started to go down the replacement path but it was hard to find a good engine (Berry were looking for me). In the end I sold the car (which was still running BTW) to Berry for a few grand and they fixed and sold it.

    I bought a Gen 5 Subaru Liberty and am very happy with it.

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