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S/V40 Help with Emissions light on ignition

Hi guys my emissions light (which says "CHECK" in the symbol on the dash) is a solid on when just the ignition (not engine) is on. So, I put the key in press the START button without my foot on the brake and the ignition goes on, a bunch of warning lights display but all except the emissions light disappear. Emissions light stays on.

When I start the engine, the emissions light goes away. Is this an issue? Or is this normal behaviour?

car: V40 T5 2013.




  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    You could take to a good independent Volvo shop and have the codes read to see what may be happening.

    Where are yo uj? We can recommend a place.

  • Thanks, yeah I'm aiming to do that. I'm in Carlton, Melbourne and hear Voldat are the best. I've got ears if you recommend anyone else in Melbourne (I've heard berry are OK)

    I am curious though if the warning lights don't stay on once the engine starts whether that's anything to worry about? Obviously, if a light stays on or comes on while driving, that's clearly an issue.

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