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140 fuel tank for 1973 model

1973 142 fuel tank wanted. Mine has rusted around the seam and is leaking. I could try POR15 tank sealer, but I’m not sure I’d trust it.

I've tried one from my parts 1968 (it fits) but the sender is wrong for my gauge - and my sender won’t fit that tank.

Alternatively (and I’m away from my cars so can’t check myself) would a 1974 tank fit if I cut holes in the sheet metal?


  • There was a major change to the rear chassis when they moved the tank forward...pretty sure that happened in a 74 tank won’t fit a pre-74 car. The 74/5 tank was basically the same as the 240 design. Not to say you can’t make it fit, but I think it would be a major hack job to the rear sheet metal and structure. Left of image is early tank that bolts into an opening in the rear floor, right of image is later style tank that bolts below floor to chassis rails.

  • Thanks for that. It doesn’t look impossible, but getting a correct tank looks much easier.

    Or I could fit a fuel cell, but I’d rather not do that.

  • A 74+ tank will not fit - the 74+ tank is basically a 240 tank, and the floorpan in that area of a 74+ car is completely different. The boot panels are different shapes, including the panel behind the rear seat backrest.

    The 1213748-5 tank also went into the pre-74 164Es.

    You can always solder up the damaged tank, after suitably ensuring there isn't any remaining flammable fuel vapor in the tank before you begin work. (Just filling the tank with water does not work).

  • 1971_144GL1971_144GL @1971_144GL Launceston, Tasmania

    Pretty sure that l have a good one in Melbourne from a 73 144 I dismantled, but I am a few weeks from being there again to check. Is your car injection or carburetor.

    I have previously soldered a rare tank followed by por15, and it's still going well after ten years. But I think that 140 tanks will be rarer than p1800 soon, as they are not being reproduced.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Maybe you could take to a fabricator .

    Cut it open and measure up for a new one of similar dimensions,repair this one properly or just have a new one made.

    If you have a few made there will be buyers in future.

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