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S/V60 Drivetrain Differences between V60 T6 Stadard / R Design / Polestar

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Hi Guys,

I have previously been into JDM wagons and for a long time had a Legnum VR4 which I took from 145KW ATW (stock) to about 310KW ATW before reaching the point where it was at the limit of the stock transfer case / diff / transmission in general.

I love wagons, and do enjoy modifying them, but with certain cars like the Legnum there simply wasn't a path forward without spending enormous money on basically a custom built drive train (at least without sacrificing reliability).

My question is, what if any, is the difference between the standard V60 T6, R design and Polestar in terms of running gear? I know the obvious differences in interior, brakes, engine etc. I was just wanting to find out more about potential weak points in buying a cheaper model to modify.

My plan would be to buy a V60 T6 base model or perhaps an R if the price is right and taking it on as my new project build. The Polestars are nice, but seem to be largely a waste of money if I am going to be upgrading exhaust, injectors, turbos, manifolds, fuel pumps (e85) etc. The only reason I could see myself stepping up to a Polestar is if the drivetrain is built significantly stronger than base models.

Thanks for your knowledge in advance.


  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    The limiting factor on the all the cars is the gearbox.

    So far there seems to be no upgrade to the box to handle big power and the rear haldex axle is next in line.

    You won't get any benefit from Polestar or R-Design as it's all the same if you are upgrading. You can buy the P* brakes and wheels. It's only the time and software controlling rear haldex somewhat,a better torque split to the back I believe. Thicker rear swaybar and maybe a bush or two.

    You can get all that aftermarket.

    Build your own downpipe and intercooler,fabricate some intake hose and pipes,all the stuff sold aftermarket isn't giving much extra over stock. The dpavailable is poorly done and a bigger diameter bespoke one will be a bigger jump in power straight up and probably cost similar to the bought one.

    It's never a race car or drag car.

    Look at USA posts on these,a guy threw cash at one,helped develop HILTON tuning for the car,blew up gearboxes all day on the strip. They are great fun,nose heavy on power into corners but still fantastic to drive.

  • Thanks so much for the reply Snoopy, exactly what I was after. Looks Like I will be going with a base model V60 T6 and just doing all of the mods myself then.

    Any idea on what torque / power figures people say is a good place to stop?

  • Pretty much the polestar stock 350hp output is the reliable limit of the trans

    Anything above 500nm and it's just a matter of when

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    I'm hearing that there are good rebuilds of the gearbox but wether that makes it stronger I don't know.

    The mob in the states (I'll get back with a name as I have memory loss) has build kits for lots of gearboxes and some upgrades. You can buy kit in and do it self or others.

    Tuners offer upgrades with the flashing tool loaned or sending ECU away , needs good internet connection and a battery charger as it can take a while to unlock the cars brain to install.

    Even Polestar tune and the model itself have upgrade options from the usual suspects.

    No doubt user discretion is key to longevity and frqent auto fluid changes keep the box happy,maybe a better fluid cooler is an idea,I've not heard of it but it makes sense really.

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