240 [SOLVED] '79 244 no start

buddyglitchTommy @buddyglitch Melbourne
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Picked myself up a nice old 244 a couple weeks ago for a steal. Great condition for its age, 1 owner 190Ks. Was running fine when I bought it, but.... classic case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"!!

It cranks, splutters a little and then just cranks like it's flooded. Installed new timing belt and front seals, water pump, plugs, fuel filter, V belts, all coolant hoses, new vacuum hoses and thermostat. Drained the tank and filled with fresh 25L. The dizzy and alternator copped a lot of water when replacing hoses etc, as did the rest of the engine bay when I cleaned it all up - might have buggered something up there?

Hard to see in daylight but it seems to be getting spark at all 4 plugs (possibly weak/inconsistent?), Definitely spark at the coil. I don't have the means of testing fuel pressure, but im fairly confident that's not the issue as the plugs were covered when I pulled them. Jumped the fuses and tested both pumps - all good.

Most of this car looks completely original, are there any electronic parts commonly known to fail? Anyone have any links to good K-Jet troubleshooting sources?


  • How long since the car ran well?

  • Apparently wasn't being driven much for past 10 years, and hasn't been driven at all for the last 3. It started first time and idled nicely a few times before I did any work on it though.

  • Angus242164Angus @Angus242164 Western Victoria

    Check for moisture under the dizzy cap and in connectors.

  • One thing that can happen with these is that the plunger in the fuel distributor can get stuck, can be a bit of a pain to loosen up. If you are (very) lucky, you can remove the four screws holding down the distributor, and pull the pin out, clean the hell out of it, and reinsert, ensuring that it has free movement.

    Good luck.

  • Test for injector operation before removing the fuel distributor

    Run the fuel pumps like you did before, remove the bellows between the airflow sensor plate and the throttle body, lift the airflow sensor plate with the pumps on and listen for the injectors singing

  • Hmmmm, this is odd. When the engine is at TDC with all timing belt marks lined up with pulleys ect. (I've triple checked this) the distributor rotor isn't. Have I missed something? I've done a couple timing belts on a B230F with no worries. That rotor should be pointing at that little notch shouldn't it? Have I mucked something up here?

    Will source a timing light and see what's going on.

  • This popped out very easily, bolt was almost finger tight.. looks like someone else has been here before.

  • Lucky it came out easily! Yes, check timing with a timing light - and you might be able to set the timing statically by setting the engine to #1@TDC then turn the distributor to the approximate correct timing degrees. Also check wires running under timing cover from distributor to Bosch ignition ECU on the washer bottle. Sometimes insulation fails causing issues. LOL I just sent you a PM asking whether you’d bought the car...I have my answer now!

  • haha yep! I promised myself to only buy the car if it starts & runs well... It did when i bought it!

  • If you’re suddenly in need of an exhaust system I’ll understand if you don’t want to sell me the one you took off the wagon! ;)

  • buddyglitchTommy @buddyglitch Melbourne
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    Phew.. Was spark timing after all. Someone put the distributor back in the wrong way. Spark was about 90 degrees advanced when at tdc. Thank god I don't have to crack open that fuel system. It's running beautifully now :) :)

  • Would that someone happen to know you? Why was the distributor removed in the first place? Anyhow it's good that you sorted it out

  • @ramrod im guessing the last person who changed the timing belt didn't line up the pulley and just moved the distributor and when @buddyglitch fitted the new belt and lined the marks up timing was out

  • He says it was running fine when he bought it two weeks ago

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