C30 No fuel at fuel rail: C70 S40 C30 V50 P1

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Okay, so I let a C70 (P1 2010) idle till I believe she ran out of fuel. Now no start and confirmed after adding 20L of fuel there's no fuel at the fuel rail. Confirmed power going to fuse "74". Replaced the PEM, which is under the rear seats in the centre tunnel at the top (nothing I could find on the internet on P1 C70 PEM location. Still no fuel at fuel rail.

Bosch scanner (2220) from Repco says there's no code's! This $300 unit won't even clear the service due annunciation, WTF?

So I'm assuming I've burnt out the fuel pump by letting it run dry. That'd be a shock if a few minutes of struggling to pull dregs would kill a pump.

Well the problem is now I cannot find any internet resources to describe how to test or replace a P1 fuel pump, the access panel from the floor inside the vehicle is NOT aligned with the top of the pump, WTF! I know Lupica motor repairs did one on a V50 for me a few years ago and cut the exhaust system out and dropped the tank, crazy.

So, to add to the knowledge base, does anyone know how to test the fuel pump in the above scenario with power confirmed to breaker 74 and known good PEM fitted? Failing that, any information on replacement of the pump? (Or any other fault tracing on P1's that could cause no fuel at rail. I did try disconnection of the FPR, but no change).

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