XC90 New owner of XC90 start-up questions

Hey all,

I just bought an 2016 (MY17) XC90. Awesome car!

This car does not come with Android Auto standard, but you can get an upgrade for around $500 from Volvo apparently....

Looking at the manual, it says you can install new apps remotely using the Download Centre/remote update service app. There is no Remote Update Service app on this screen. Is there any trick to getting this?

Also, is there a heads up display? I thought there was but I couldn't find any way of activating it?

Any other tips?

Thanks, Tam!!


  • If the car hasn't had any updates since it was new then it won't have android auto or the app update option. Sounds like a trip to the dealer for the latest updates for the Sensus system are needed first. This should be done automatically if it's serviced at a dealer. All current XC90's have headup display, some of the early ones didn't. Check with the dealer when you get the software update.

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