S/V40 You want the Woosh Sound


  • 1 S40 with 200k+ km
  • Remove one air box
  • Chop exhaust after cat
  • Bleed screw
  • 2 idiots


My Old S40 is receiving some good attention with a work mate whom is much an idiot as I.

He spent last weekend inspired by Spac's old Cue Ball Thread, and has decided the T4 will find it's way out on a Private practice this coming Monday.

To prepare, well he has removed the interior and fitted a simple seat and harness.

Cutting the exhaust and removing the airbox was the best thing I could have ever done.

The ol' thing sounds positively rude now hahahaah.

@GrandMuppet come tell the ppl your plans! :P

(And Spac! thank you for the harness bar all those weeks ago, it shall protect said idiots on Monday at least)


  • What happens when you forget your going faster then you think...

    Well the road stops and you find yourself backwards at 150km/h

    Mate and I took the S40 (now with 15psi) on it's sh1t tyres out on a track day. These things are just fsking great.

    Without the exhaust (cut it just behind the cat and 02 sensor) then thing revs freely to rev limit now. Transformed it from it's shopping trolley status running out of puff at 5k prior.

    Anyway I was going in waaaaay to fast for a damp track, actually my line was waaaaay off as I started to turn in, and going to fast, I ran out out of road, traction and the thing spun sideways, and I slid from 150km backwards off the track and along side it, coming amazingly to a delicate stop short of the wall.

    Now I know what that feels like I don't really need to experience that again. Can't say I wouldn't recommend it, it was a novel experience and time does slow down as you process the oh shitshitshits. but yeah, a different kind of Yeeee Haaaa fun maybe :P

    The S40 is a fkn animal. it turns in nicely, you have a tone of power to pull it wide, when you stomp on it, of power it turns in just enough to have you want to catch it and make you feel like a cool dude.

    And is no doubt with clapped out bushes and worn suspension. With fresh stuff it's going to be sick!

    We best start saving for a roll cage.

  • bowieDan @bowie Sydney
    edited October 2019

    Shit racing lines in action below!


    Just look at that nugget!

    Honestly, it's dumb fun!

    Get a race car everyone.

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