XC90 lost ignition key and remote

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As the title says, I have lost my ignition key and remote. The car is a 2006 XC90 2.6l petrol turbo suv with all the fruit. Without scrapping it. What is the cheapest way of fixing the problem? I thought of buying a second hand key, ignition lock and bcm from the same model. Would that work and if not, why not? Alternative suggestions are welcome.


  • I assume you could go to the dealer with proof of ownership and the VIN and they could program a new key for you? May not be cheap though!

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Ask Mark at Berrys, they can sort cheaper than a dealer.

  • I have enquired at Volvo dealers X2 and they are both quoting in excess of $650 plus towing. $650 is just the key and the remote. I am thinking key, ignition lock, remote and body control module out of the exact model I have. The remote would then not need tuning to the BCM. Anybody parting out a 2006 XC90 petrol turbo with all the parts I have mentioned at a price which would not embarrass Ned Kelly. I would not whinge at $350 as long as the parts work

    Snoopy, who and where are Berrys? From the sound of it, Melbourne? Sadly, I am in outer western Sydney.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Distance is no issue, Berry Motor Group.


    Mark or Graham.

    Once you have the parts then they can advise the next step and wh a t to pay a dealer to recode parts .

  • Volvo immobilizers are more complicated than you're expecting.

    You would need to swap a significant amount of programmed modules from the donor car.

    At least the Cem, ecm,dim,abs module ,throttle body probably the rear view mirror for the central locking

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    I'm only talking the remotes as @timbo says, nothing can be reprogrammed without a big cost when it comes to modules.

  • 242GT242GT @242GT Wollongong NSW

    The most stress less and easiest way unfortunately is to ring around dealerships, use Vin number to get non chipped kety cut to open door of car for tow truck.

    Tow car (hopefully your in NRMA so to is free for first 30klms) to dealership, buy 2 keys (so you have a spare set), dealership will programme both for single use and fee of soft ware.

    I went through similar experience with C70 which only had one set of keys so I found out after I bought it.

  • Give Henry a call.He is a mobile locksmith who has helped me on a few occasions (very clever) very reasonably priced.His number is 0433816688

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