244DL 308 conversion

Picked up a 265GLE already converted with a fried body a couple weeks ago. Was running a turbo 350 and what looks to be a commodore diff but will be changing to a celica 5spd in the process and rebuilding the 308

have a neat 1979 244DL to take the conversion.



  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Another Iceton!

  • Nice! What do you plan to do with the 265 body shell when you’re finished? Is it going to scrap? If so, I could use some bits! :)

  • Very cool, keen to follow this build.

  • The shell is pretty much knackered , was going to scrap it as I’m going to remove the whole k frame wheels and all so it won’t even roll and IM in gippsland VIC but happy for anyone to raid bits they want.

    conversion was done in ‘84 so I’ve got a fair bit of cleaning up before I do too much

  • Cool. Are you wanting to scrap it ASAP or will it be around for a while? I need some power mirror switches if available, and possibly power mirrors and generally would love to have a look and pick over. Could organise a time to come down in a couple weeks if it’s still around then. Thanks!


  • Yep it will still be around in a few weeks at least a month I reckon I might raid some bits out of it but anything GLE electric related I don’t want.

    want to retain full DL style with winder thingos

  • Started pulling down the engine last night, unfortunately it has been taken out to 60thou already which reading around is the max for a 308 and it has a scored barrel. Not good but will push on and see how it comes up with a hone.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.


  • Around 320c.i with 0.060" over

  • The shit bit ... cleaning stuff

  • The tedious bit is done, new bearings, rings, cam and timing gear, pushrods and lifters, double checking and triple checking all clearances. Haven’t had much time too much motorcycling.

    waiting on new water and oil pumps, gonna keep the mech fuel pump should be fine.

    will start on carby next until parts arrive to complete engine assembly

  • Great project - Looking forward to seeing progress

  • I have a radiator to suit a 308 in a 240 if anyone wants it

  • watkinswatto @watkins Gippsland VIC

    Well guys not many updates didn’t get much done through Christmas. Have the engine rebuilt now even put a spicy cam in it.

    Pulled the whole k frame out of the wagon to swap it over as it has mounts and power steering.

    gonna start taking the old b21a out over the next week and get the k frames swapped over

    picked up the Toyota gearbox but bellhousing doesn’t match so on the hunt for a supra-turbo pattern bellhousing

    wagon has gone to scrap now too got more space for conversion activities

  • Vee_QueVee_Que @Vee_Que South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.

    I keep seeing short and long block VN on virgin bore 304s on Facebook go for under $500 something to think about?

  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    Block is red, build checks out

  • The main problem with these motors are that it's a pain to get them compliant with carbs. On a semi related story, I was thinking about one of those for the HQ but after talking to the local engineer he said that I would need to fit EFI to have a chance of getting it complied simply. If I fitted carbs it would have to get smogged with the only non smog option being to run straight gas on carbs but then it would need to get checked out for the gas and gas is hard to find these days. Long story short was that running a VN motor in an old car is a paperwork nightmare unless you run the EFI.

    That 308 should last as a cruiser but is on its last rebuild at 60 over. I think if he were to do another V8 then an LS would make more sense as the Holden motors are very pricey when it comes to aftermarket parts when compared to the Chev stuff. This is what pushed me to find a 350 for the HQ instead of a 308 that being said, it's was the best condition motor I could find for the money I wanted to spend and all the 308s up here were basically rusted out boat anchors from living in ski boats all their lives!

  • watkinswatto @watkins Gippsland VIC

    I found problem finding a decent 308 was $$$$

    the block I bought unfortunately condition was unknown and didn’t want to fork out for another one im trying to keep a pretty tight budget on this build as it is only a cruiser will barely even get driven more for the enjoyment I suppose

    have pulled the b21a and gearbox out now if anyone needs one is for sale (about 150,000kms from new)

    got 2 k frames to make 1 good one paint and look pretty

    clean up engine bay as well

  • RoinikIan @Roinik Mount Gambier, SA.
    edited April 2020

    Ever thought about converting the B21A to B21ET with a worked 405 head? You've got a carby already.

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