S/V60 opinions on newer volvos s60,s40 , c30 etc etc

pigdogdave @pigdog Wollongong NSW

Hey guys looking for opinions/advice for a mate.

My mate is in the market for a new car my constant talking about Volvos has slowly worn him down and hes keen as to get all up on this volvo goodness for himself .

He really likes the s60, s40 and c30 but is open to other sedans and hatches he will have around 6-7k to play with .

He lives in QLD just around the corner from GLT car center and will be taking his new car their for servicing and a pre sale inspection before he buys anything

i know nothing about newer cars so cant really offer any advice on which models are better etc and hes not mechanically minded at all and has a habit of getting absolute nuggets that crap out on him so here we are asking you guys .

Any advice / opinions on which models in his price range would be best, things to look out for/ consider before buying would be hugely appreciated .

Also if you have something for sale and are up his way you think might be what we are looking for that would be sweet too

cheers guys


  • Keen to hear opinions on the C30 myself

  • We’re very happy with our 2008 C30 (T5 R-design, 6-speed manual). Bought about 7 years ago and have had only a few relatively minor issues (blocked sunroof drains, stone damage to A/C condenser, failed fuel pressure sensor, torn CV joint boot). Other than that it’s been just general maintenance, including the recent 10-year timing belt change. Fuel economy average is around 7-8 L/100 km since we’ve owned it (bought with around 80k kms and now has around 140k kms)

    Main thing as always has it been maintained properly (good-quality oil, filter, timing belt, coolant changes, brake fluid changes, etc). I think the P1 (C30, S40, V50) represent good value on the used-car market, and if you want a manual the C30 is about the only option as there are very few other manual Volvos on the market at any given time.

    Need to consider usage patterns - if kid seats required or frequent rear-seat passengers, I’d avoid the C30 just due to ease of access (or lack there of) due to the large doors (however it’s comfy back there once you’re seated - and C30 is only a 4-seater).

    Hope that helps!

  • pigdogdave @pigdog Wollongong NSW

    my mate is really keen on the C30 he likes the smaller cars he would really like a T5 one just depends if one turns up while hes looking though hes getting pretty keen to get something soon , did the T5 also come out auto? he can drive manual but for some reason he prefers autos (hes really not a car guy) im slowly trying to change that.

    i used to hate the rear end of the C30 but the more i look at them the more i like them, the front looks bloody nice though haha

  • Yes there are more autos than manuals, so your mate will be OK in that respect. I think the auto in the C30 is OK...maybe recommend to flush the fluid properly once in a while?

    Yes, the C30 is typically a love-it or hate-it. Fortunately for those of us who love it, there seem to be a lot more people who aren’t fond of it which means they’re good value on the used-car market. :)

  • pigdogdave @pigdog Wollongong NSW

    sweet i dont know why he likes autos over manuals i cant stand them but ill make sure he gives it a proper flush when he gets it and he will be taking the car to a volvo mechanic for all its servicing ive heard good things about GLT car center and thats just around the corner from him so hes going to take it there .

    if we cant find him a T5 what are the other motors like?

  • I don’t have any experience with the others...I think there was only 2 other options - the non-turbo 5 and the 4-cylinder turbodiesel Driv-e version (manual only in that - not a Volvo diesel). Maybe a few 5-cylinder turbodiesels around as well but they would have to be rare here and not sure if the C30 got that in Oz. I’m sure others will pipe up.

  • VolDanVolDan @VolDan Launceston,Tasmania

    Thumbs up for GLT car centre. Used to go there when living in Bris. Peer is a Volvo whisperer.

  • With the auto, it needs to have had the fluid changed regularly. I think every 50k or less is probably the maximum you should go without changing it.

    Even though I prefer the manual, the auto is actually better in some ways, the clutch in the manuals is a bit fiddly.

    Overall they're reliable cars, some small common issues like fuel pressure sensor are not a big deal, but he needs to be prepared to replace the suspension at some point. Especially as one at that price will probably have higher kms.

  • pigdogdave @pigdog Wollongong NSW

    ok sweet ill make sure he checks its history out and see if its ever been done most the ones we have seen have been around 1-150ks on them some have been popping up under 100k theres not a great deal forsale atm though

  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.

    There's a manual C30 T5 for $5500ish on gumtree ATM. 150,000km or so, IIRC. From a dealer too, which is a guide to what they're actually selling for.

  • pigdogdave @pigdog Wollongong NSW

    I think I've seen that one and seems to be around the money they are going for so 6-7k should get something decent , I found out why he's mainly looking for an auto he has an auto license and even know he has his full license Qld is backwards and you need to re sit the test to change to a manual license but he's considering doing that to open up more options

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