B20 with verified compression, TAS or VIC.

jackafricaricho @jackafrica Hobart Tasmania
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I need an engine, preferably running or with verifiable compression to fit

into the P120. Current engine pretty much dead.

Okay if it comes with an M40 behind it.

Would love to find something in Tasmania or Melbourne.

Will travel.

Phone or text 044 triple eight 6596




  • I have a B18 in Sydney

  • Thanks, I'd really prefer Tasmania or Melbourne.

    Would you like to call me with some details?

  • I have a bare 8 bolt carby B20 that's surplus to my needs, in Victoria.

    It was removed from a 140 some time in the '80's or earlier and a Volvo exchange engine fitted, and for unknown reasons sat in the exchange crate in the store room of a former Volvo dealer from then onwards, rather than being returned for rebuild. I obtained the crate, not actually realising there was an engine in it, until I went to pick it up.

    No idea what the original issue was, presumably high oil consumption or a compression issue, so it suits rebuild.

    I also know of someone in central Vic who has a complete B18B and M40 from a 120 series they are looking to sell, I think they want around $600. I can track down their details if interested.

  • jackafricaricho @jackafrica Hobart Tasmania
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    Hi Angus,

    Thanks for the offer on the rebuild block.

    My need is for a good running, (verifiable condition) engine that doesn't require rebuilding.

    Alternately an engine which has been rebuilt and not used.

    I appreciate the offer, perhaps you can provide the contact details of the someone in Central Vic, if you feel it would fit the criteria. Thanks again.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Option to get it rebuilt? If Angus knows someone or Mark has a tech who does it outside of work.

    You then get one as you like it.

  • Or he could perhaps rebuild his original engine

  • 1971_144GL1971_144GL @1971_144GL Launceston, Tasmania

    I have around 8. But none of them are as new rebuilt I am afraid. I am currently building two b20s, they're worth doing in my experience to achieve longevity.

    Angus, I might be interested in the 8bolt for my 74 145. Coming over with the ute in a few weeks. I will have a look at my existing 8 bolt this weekend.

  • jackafricaricho @jackafrica Hobart Tasmania
    edited September 2019

    Are any of them verified running, with good compression? Have any of them been checked?

    Are they available?

  • 1971_144GL1971_144GL @1971_144GL Launceston, Tasmania

    None have run for five years now and I have no compression figures. They are in Melbourne. I wouldn't sell any as a confirmed runner at this stage.

    I plan to fit one shortly to a 145 to get it to Tassie, then refit the correct 8 bolt engine. At that stage I will have a better idea of condition. I'm not sure on timing.

  • I will see if I can get some pics of the 8 bolt one in the crate this weekend. I have four B20's in total and all are in unknown condition, one was last driven over ten years ago and the others I never saw running.

    They are all at least 45 years old now and not many people rebuild engines and then don't end up using them, so I don't think the chances of finding one that's ready to go without at least a hone, rings and bearings are very high.

  • Thanks Angus.

    There are folk out there with abandoned projects, cars taken off the road for other reasons.

    If only a hone, rings and bearings were required, that’s fine. An engine requiring a full rebuild isn’t.

    A compression test is the first step. The result a broad indicator of condition. A subsequent leak down test more definitive.

    The testing procedure is not expensive or difficult. The result would be of benefit to both buyer and potential seller.

    To travel from southern Tasmania to the mainland for an engine in lesser, unknown condition is not viable or sensible.

  • In that time you could treat your own engine to a hone and new rings+bearings+gaskets

  • If planning to dismantle a car that's in running condition those tests can be done, but none of my 4 came to me that way.

    With the head off the bores can be measured easily enough to work out whether a hone is all that's needed, or a rebore.

  • jackafricaricho @jackafrica Hobart Tasmania
    edited September 2019

    My engine needs more that that. And I don't live in the city.

  • jackafricaricho @jackafrica Hobart Tasmania
    edited September 2019

    It's more than a hone and the valves needs doing. Compression and leak down test showed that....

    apart from it running on three cylinders 🤣

    Starter motor, a battery and jumper leads is all that's required for compression test or a leak down test. Cold engine not ideal but leaves little doubt about the general condition for the conditions tested.

  • She's been sitting around for some time, at least a few decades!

  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    Any engine that's been sitting around for a long time, I'd start by honing and replacing the bearings, and then compression check it.

    FWIW, last time I overbored an engine the machine shop bill was somewhere around $700. Parts and final assembly were all supplied by yours truly on top of that amount.

    If anyone in Sydney has one I am happy to lend my dial bore gauge so you can measure bores against factory specs.

  • Sydney is out of the range for me. Melbourne, country VIC or Tasmania is my limit.

    I'm not asking anyone to pull an engine down, hone, assemble and compression test.

    That's beyond the realm of most.

    If someone has an engine, that is from a project, done up. That's a go! I'm prepared to pay accordingly.

    An engine which has been sitting undercover, or in a car, (provided it was stored reasonably)

    and turns over will give an indication. A compression test takes a short time.

    An engine which hasn't been run in a long time, more than a few years, without being stored properly

    is unlikely to be in the condition I'm seeking. Not impossible, just unlikely.

    I'm not looking to take a punt, or a guess. Unless what you're offering is gratis, or close to it.

    Please, if you have an engine available that fits the criteria or may do, phone, text message or post here.

    Yes, I'll pay for it, pick up quickly if the sight of it is irking you. I have a limited time window.


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