S/V40 S40 T4 clutch options

So trying to do a bit of reading on clutch options for my 2000 S40 T4.

Not sure if the clutch is dead or not, but it don't go at the moment... I'll get it apart hopefully tomorrow.

So having a look, the standard S40 T4 clutch on eBay seems to be around the $700 mark, which got me thinking about options.

Is the clutch, pressure plate and flywheel the same for all M56 boxes? Could I use an XR5 clutch, which is cheaper and I'm assuming stronger given the higher power?

It's there an option to get rid of the dual mass flywheel without selling a kidney? Would this make for cheaper clutch plates? I hear the 850R? run a single mass flywheel, can they be found for reasonable money?



  • GhettobirdJulian (@Ghettobird) Melbourne - SE Suburbs
    edited September 2019

    Genuine 850R clutch from Tasca for ~ $280 usd, single mass conversion and it'll likely be one of the best clutches you'll ever drive.

    Done this conversation a few times myself. Absolutely fantastic to drive, not too heavy, heaps of feel and very smooth.

    Any 850 single mass will do

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